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The Expat Mom Experience: To Paris and Back with Bébé

by Lisa Czarina Michaud
Written By

Lisa Czarina Michaud

Lisa Czarina Michaud is a native New Yorker who followed her calling for wine, cheese and beards five years ago when she moved to Paris on a whim. Her work has been published in Marie Claire UK, xoJane, Huffington Post Travel and France Passion Magazine. View Lisa Czarina Michaud's Website

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5 comments on “The Expat Mom Experience: To Paris and Back with Bébé

This looks like a very fun Paris trip. I would love to go visit it too. By the way, your kid is just so adorable.

What an amazing journey! I have a friend who just had her first baby and she’s gonna love reading this. Thank you for writing about it!

As a person for whom babies are still a long way off I generally shut down the baby articles pretty quickly. However I found myself reading through this whole piece with interest ☺️ Getting MYSELF sorted out for long-haul flights is difficult enough?? I’m gonna look at travelling Mums with a whole new level of respect now ?? Sadly, the link to Lisa’s website doesn’t seem to be working ?

I loved this, Lisa! As a French mother of 2 Paris-born little boys, it’s so interesting to read your perspective. I love taking the bus with my kids, and we actually brought home baby #2 from the maternité on the bus. 🙂

I was traveling with babies .. way before people thought babies should even fly .. annoying people. I was lucky, mine slept the minute we sat down.
I have a grandbaby now. He has just taken his first flight … to Japan from the US .. I can’t wait to hear how that went, he hated a 2 hour car drive ! 🙂

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