Since becoming a mom, my style of souvenir shopping has changed radically. Instead of picking up unique clothes or accessories for myself when visiting a new city, it’s become all about baby. Many of my female friends have recently become mothers as well and I keep their kids in mind when souvenir shopping too.

A little brown-haired girl dressed in a navy coat pushing a stroller with teddy in it (left). A little blonde girl wearing a white dress from Tartine et Chocolat and sitting on a bed (right).
Top and above: Tartine et Chocolat

Quality products that reflect the beauty of a faraway place can inspire storytelling and the imagination. A picture book from a small Left Bank children’s book store, kid-friendly art supplies from the Centre Pompidou, an adorable ensemble from a chic boutique—these mementos are more than objects, they’re proof of a rich and exciting world out there for little ones to dream of exploring. 

A little girl wearing a tutu and standing on tiptoe while peeping inside a drawer (left). A toddler wearing a chic navy cardigan and matching boots, sitting on tiled floors by a wooden Parisian staircase (right).
Tartine et Chocolat

Young and old alike are attracted to the prospect of visiting Paris, and what better way to share and commemorate the experience than by investing in tangible souvenirs that will keep the spirit of Paris alive in your family? Shopping for little ones in Paris has the added benefit of taking you to some of the city’s more charming neighborhoods, where independent shops stock treasures for kids of all sizes. 

A little girl sleeping with her doll in a fluffy cushion chair (left). Outside Atelier Choux, a Parisian store for kids' clothing (right).
Atelier Choux

One of our favorite spots to shop—and especially gift buy—for kids in Paris is Atelier Choux. This line of organic cotton, Made in France (even the weaving of the fabric is done locally) clothing and bedding for children is committed to quality and, just as importantly, playful and whimsical designs that stoke children’s imaginations.

Parisian brand Atelier Choux's toy houses and bedsheets for children to match.
Atelier Choux

Inspired by the elaborate architecture of Paris, Versailles, and other iconic Paris visions such as macarons and decadent cakes come to life through beautiful patterns and prints. It’s easy to imagine these lively designs inspiring an impromptu story time as you dress your baby or put them to bed, tucked in under a 300-thread-count quilt or cashmere blanket

The brand’s gift boxes—in the form of mansions and Parisian hôtel particuliers—make an Atelier Choux purchase perfect for gifting. Treat a friend to a gold playsuit featuring French Jacquard fabric or a velvet party dress, also made with French origin fabric. You can order from Atelier Choux online, but you can also shop directly at the boutique (3 rue Hautefeuille, 75006) or at the gift shop at the Hotel Crillon.

Pints by Atelier Choux Parisian baby boutique (right). A mother lying down with her baby rapped up in an Atelier Choux blanket (right).
Atelier Choux

In addition to Atelier Choux, Paris has a wide selection of other independent, high-quality children’s shops to choose from. WOMB is a concept store/one-stop shopping spot for expectant parents and kids from 0-6 years old. Here you’ll find furniture and storage solutions alongside stylish clothes and adorable baby room decor.

Inside the multi-storey kids' store WOMB in Paris.

Petit Pan is a colorful boutique with locations in the 4th, 18th, and 19th arrondissements. In addition to clothing for infants and young children, the shop also sells bright fabrics and lanterns to perk up baby’s space. 

Clothing rails and shelves at Paris kids' store WOMB (left). A display of clothes at WOMB (right).

Babies to teenagers can get outfitted at Marie Puce, which boasts an amazing selection of children’s shoes and sandals made with high-quality leather from a workshop in Greece.

A little girl wearing a pink claudine-collar dress from Marie Puce (left). A selection of pink clothes for little girls (right).
Marie Puce

For soft, cuddly toys and clothes, head to Tartine et Chocolat, a children’s clothing and housewares store with several locations throughout the city. Stop by the shop to meet Léon the hedgehog and stay for the impeccable selection.

Two little girls wearing navy cardigans and shawls with matching woolly tights and polished black shoes (left). A little girl wearing a pink princess dress from Parisian chlidren's clothing brand Tartine et Chocolat while playing with a dolls' house (right).
Tartine et Chocolat

Cool kids shop at Centre Commercial, a concept store with a trendy kids department that features clothing and other items made by local designers. Pick up a few additions to your kid’s wardrobe here and they’ll leave town looking like a Parisian!

The kids' section at Centre Commercial store in Paris (left). The adults' shoe section at the same store (right).
Centre Commercial

For more classic kid gifts, check out the selection of wooden toys and games at La Fée Qui Cloche, an 18th arrondissement establishment crammed with all kinds of handmade and artisanal playtime treats for kids of all ages.

A baby girl sitting the counter of a patisserie wearing a cute outfit from Atelier Choux (left). A bib printed with cute pictures of cakes and ice creams (right).
Atelier Choux

If you’re on a budget, head to Deux Fois 9, a second hand clothing store for children. Here you can buy and sell kids clothes, inexpensively refreshing their wardrobe and cutting back on clothing waste at the same time. In addition to featuring local designers, the shop also offers regular DIY workshops focusing on making your own children’s clothes. 

A mother laughing with her two children against a backdrop of swirling flower-print wallpaper (left). Two little girls standing in front of the same wallpaper, dressed in outfits from Tartine et Chocolat (right).
Tartine et Chocolat

Atelier Choux – 3 rue Hautefeuille, 75006

WOMB – 93 rue Réaumur, 75002

Petit Pan – 76 Rue François Miron, 75004; 10 bis rue Yvonne Le Tac, 75018; and Vill’Up Shopping Centre – 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019

Marie Puce – 60 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006

Tartine et Chocolat – several locations throughout the city

Centre Commercial – 2 rue de Marseille, 75010

La Fée Qui Cloche – 88 rue du Mont Cenis, 75018

Deux Fois 9 – 50 rue Ramey, 75018

A crib with a patterned mattress with hot air balloons on it from Atelier Choux (left). A baby lying on a hot air balloon blanket (right).
Atelier Choux

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