Sometimes I wish I lived in rural Thailand. Not just because of the exotic fruits and the amazing weather (though let’s not pretend that wouldn’t be a plus), but because, as a metropolis-dwelling parent, life in an old-fashioned village sounds idyllic. 

An elevated view of Paris, the River Seine and Eiffel Tower (left). A phrase reminding us of the importance of human connection (right).
Ilnur Kalimullin / Blisshood

A community of friendly faces, open houses, and warm grandmas would be just the ticket for a new mom. I think it really does take a village to raise a child, but mainly so that the mom of said child doesn’t go batty from solitude. 

A father reading to his baby.

But shucks, you can’t get less village-esque than Paris… or can you? 

As with all things, it really pays to do a bit of digging. Read on for my three favorite ways to make connections, and begin to turn Paris into a sweet little village where you and your family can thrive. 

A blue-eyed baby boy chewing on a wooden cube (left). A baby in the arms of its parent, with its tiny feet in the foreground (right).
Colin Maynard / Alex Pasarelu


Self-care events and soulful connection for busy moms. 

“What makes Blisshood different is that it’s centered around sisterhood,” says founder Ariadna Archer. 

Ooh, keep talking! 

Parenting in Paris can be tricky, so it's important to be able to meet like-minded parents, like this mother holding her newborn baby (left). A mother and father looking at the newborn baby (right).
Top: Priscilla du Preez. Above: Kelly Sikkema

“Whereas some parent communities are needs-based, Blisshood has a focus on soul connection. It provides a space to connect more deeply, in an authentic way.”

Blisshood organizes self-care events and meet-ups as a way for mothers to connect and prioritize taking time for themselves. Ariadna’s aim is to create a space for mothers to just be, and sink into some much-needed self-care, all the while creating meaningful connections with fellow moms.

To meet other parents it's important to stay active, including taking classes like yoga.
Petit Paris Playgroup / Blisshood

Check out the Blisshood blog here, and be sure to connect on Instagram to learn about future events. 

Petit Paris Playgroup

Playtime for your kids, social time for you.

This weekly event, run by the lovely Joyce, provides two hours of fun for little ones ages 0 to 3. It’s an international playgroup with a different theme every week, allowing kids to dress up, sing songs in English and French, and play with other expat offspring. 

And what about you? Children are generally accompanied by their parents, so you can easily make some new connections and share experiences of new mom life, while your kids happily cavort around. 

Other ways of meeting other parents in Paris is by talking to people at playgroup.
Petit Paris Playgroup / Alexander Kagan

When: every Monday morning, from 9am to 11am

Where: 64bis, Avenue Raymond Poincaré, Paris 75016

Cost: 20€ for a two-hour session

Message Paris 

Where all the expat families are.

Message is a platform for expats that aims to bring international families together through regular meet-ups, events, bring-and-buy sales, and community outreach programs. Most international families in Paris are members, so it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to make a bunch of new connections.

To meet other parents in Paris, sign up to groups that organize events.
Message Paris

Since Message is such a big group, it’s been divided up into smaller sections geographically, so there will typically be a subgroup, and maybe even a WhatsApp thread, for your neighborhood. It’s an excellent, user-friendly way to test the waters, see who’s around, and eventually turn your neighborhood into a much friendlier place. 

There are lots of fun events for parents in Paris.
Message Paris

Message is currently celebrating 35 years of existence—not bad! 

Price: 50€ for an annual membership. 

So, short of moving to rural Thailand, rest assured that finding a vibrant family community, filled with friendly faces and helpful fellow moms, really is possible, even in a massive city like Paris. You just need a bit of enthusiasm, a smiley face, and some cute kids in tow (so helpful for breaking the ice). Good luck! 

A little girl hanging upside down (left). A phrase about how energy comes from within (right).
Maura Silva / Blisshood

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Written by Veggie Magnifique for HiP Paris. Looking to travel? Check out Haven In for a fabulous vacation, or long term, rental in Paris, Italy, France or elsewhere in Europe.


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