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  • How to Meet Like-Minded Parents in Paris

    I think it really does take a village to raise a child, but mainly so that the mom of said child doesn’t go batty from solitude. Read on for my favorite ways to make connections, and begin to turn Paris into a sweet little village where you and your family can thrive.

  • Go to East Side Burgers for the best juicy vegan and veggie burgers in Paris.

    The Best Veggie and Vegan Burgers in Paris

    Paris’ favorite form of American cultural appropriation is certainly in the form of burgers. This side of ten years ago, though, you’d be hard pressed to find a patty that wasn’t made of meat. Nowadays, however, things are much more veggielicious — and hoorayfor that! Be it of the bean, grain, soy, or seitan variety, Paris is the new go-to for piled-high veggie burger creations. Here are our top picks for vegans, flexitarians, or the simply curious who want a burger that’ll tickle their fancy and delight their taste buds.

  • HiP Paris' guide to gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Paris, includes Yem'a in Madeleine with a turquoise shop front.

    Gluten-Free in Paris: The’ Best Gluten Free Restaurants & Bakeries in Paris

    There’s a reason why our mental image of a Parisian features a striped-shirt-wearing specimen carrying a baguette, the French after all love nothing more than a loaf of crusty bread- but does this mean you should hit up London instead if you’re gluten free? Non.

  • Veggie Magnifique round up of the top vegan spots in Paris for HiP Paris Blog

    Paris’ Best Vegan Restaurants and Food: Our Top Ten

    There’s a veritable veggie revolution going on in the City of Light. Vegan and healthy hotspots are poppin’ up like daisies, and more and more, we veggie-hunters are spoiled for choice.

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