What a year it has been! 

2022 has been about a return to life as normal and discovering excitement in the everyday. The two years since the pandemic have brought challenges, as well as moments of joy. Through it all, HiP Paris has given you the best of Paris and beyond every week. And here we are, ready to do it all again in 2023 for our beloved readers who share the same love and passion for the City of Light.

As we celebrate the new year, here is a look back at our 10 most popular posts in 2022. 

9 golden brown baked croissants lie on a beige baking paper.
Top: Cottonbro Studio / Above: Conor Brown

It’s All About the Croissants: Where to Find the Best Croissants in Paris

Nothing screams France more than the enchanting fragrance of warm pastries enveloping the streets early in the morning. After trying as many croissants as she could possibly digest from all around the city, Alessia Armenise shared her list. Read her curated catalog of the 5 places with the best croissants in Paris.

Left: A wooden, Parisian staircase that leads to the Chambre de Bonne apartments. Right: The author Shabnan Ferdowsi is standing beside her kitchen sink, texting on her phone, inside her chambre de bonne.
Shabnam Ferdowsi

Living in a Tiny Apartment in Paris

Shab Ferdowsi came to Paris from LA to work as an au pair. She was offered a separate studio apartment by her host family. It sounded like the perfect way to live out an existential crisis and reconnect with her Franco-European upbringing. After seeing the photos of the place, her first thought was: why does the room look like a closet? Discover the well-loved chambre de bonne, a viable option for city dwellers in search of affordable accommodation.

A classic French dish of Ratatouile with colorful sliced vegetables and a garnish of tomato sauce.
Amirali Mirhashemian

Where to Eat Traditional French Food in Paris

While many big cities are famous for their multicultural food scenes, many come to Paris in search of traditional French cuisine. A meal in France is a venerable ritual and never merely a practical way to stop your stomach from growling. From Michelin-starred treats to simple and delicious food, Alessia Armenise has selected the best places to try traditional French food in the French capital.

A quiet lake full of green trees, a temple building, and a black bird resting in a large rock.
Chris Linnett

The Top 8 Chic Parisian Suburbs to Live and Buy in Now

Living in a tiny Parisian flat does not suit everyone. Some want a garden for barbeques, for children and pets to roam, or a large salon to unwind in. Others wish for quieter surroundings, all while being close to the excitement of the City of Light. Maikka Piquemal shared her 8 favorite and fashionable Parisian suburbs.

A pan full of seafood pasta with cherry tomatoes, grilled prawns, and chopped herbs.
Olayinka Babalola

The Best Hidden Italian Dining Spots in Paris

Fact: After the Italians, the French are the biggest consumers of pasta in all of Europe. Seasonal, local ingredients, fine wine, and lingering over a long lunch? La dolce vita definitely suits Parisians. With Italian eateries, bars, and festivals dotted throughout the city, it’s difficult to find the best. Here’s a guide to the best hidden gem Italian dining spots in Paris, carefully selected by food writer Rachel Naismith.

A Japanese restaurant in Paris with warm yellow lights and red banners.
Stéphan Valentin

The Best Asian Food on Paris’ Rue Sainte-Anne

Fans of Asian food should visit rue Sainte-Anne. This small street, close to the Palais-Royal is where to find authentic Asian fare, grocery stores, other shops, bakeries and more are concentrated in this area. Maikka Piquemal invites you to check out her favorite spots for Asian flavors.

A man with gray hair and a woman with brown hair embrace on a street in Paris.

What I’ve Learned from Dating Older French Men

At 53 years old, Yvonne Hazelton started dating again. In doing so, she discovered a country full of beautiful men of a certain age.  Ready to take on this brave new world. Yvonne finds a world full of fabulous men, neat beards, open collared shirts, and charming compliments! Here’s Yvonne’s list of what she learned while dating older French men.

The sun-drenched exterior of the villa at St. Saturnin with blues shutters and plants growing up the walls.
Haven In at Saint-Saturnin

The Best Family Friendly Villas in the South of France

There is a reason the South of France is a beloved spot for holidays. Scenic villages, breath-taking scenery, and delectable food seduce people from all walks of life. The best way to experience art de vivre, the Provençal way, is to rent a home as your base while you explore. Lily Heise hand picked the best villas in Provence and Cote d’Azur for families.

A man in a white uniform makes crepes with a serving of Nutella hazelnut spread.
Huy Phan

La Chandeleur: The Best Crêpes in Paris

La chandeleur, or candlemas, is a Christian holiday celebrated on February 2. The French word chandeleur evokes the chandelles (candles) that were symbolically lit that day. Decades ago, French families would return home from a procession of lights and continue with an evening vigil around a large dish of crêpes

Originally a religious celebration on February 2, the word La Chandeleur is related to the word chandelles (candles), which are lit on the holiday. For non-Christians, La Chandeleur simply means a celebration of crêpes. Ali Postma shares her list of where to find the best crêpes in Paris.

A man and a woman looks at a wall climbing gym full of colorful bouldering handholds and footholds.
Cottonbro Studio

The Best Climbing Gyms in Paris Now

Once a narrow pursuit led by tough grizzled men, fighting the elements and adhereing to a strict code of ethics, climbing has become more mainstream. Many venues offer more than just a place to climb. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Matthew Hillier shares his favorite climbing gyms in Paris.

HIP Paris wishes you a glorious and wonderful 2023! We thank you for your continued support through all of these years. Cheers!

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