There’s no doubt about it, 2021 bought about its challenges. However, despite all the ups and downs, HiP Paris continued bringing you the best of Paris, France every week.

We let you in on creative means and unique experiences to bring Paris into your own home when travel was anything but possible. And, as summer approached and restrictions eased, we got back out and about to keep you posted about the hippest and hottest spots in Paris.

So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and recap our favorite finds and insider tips from 2021:

Left: a photo of a corner bistro in Paris. Right: a photo of a green salad with eggs in a bowl
Top: @julieaucontraire / @gogojungle
Above: @pamelaloutfi / @into.trends

Food, Food, & More Food

Whether you were cooking from home or hitting the streets of Paris, HiP had you covered.

For the salad lovers, Alessia Armenise let you in on the best French salads to create at home. And of course, we didn’t forget about those with a sweet tooth and in search of the best tarts and pastries in the city!

We made sure you got your French cheese fix too with our favorite stinky French cheese, and learned how to make classic French dishes to cook at home.

Left: a photo of the inside of Frenchie Pigalle restaurant. Right: a photo of a girl sitting on a balcony in Paris, overlooking apartment buildings.

Guides to Our Favorite Quartiers

Paris scenes change all the time, and we do our best to stay on top of it and keep you updated on what’s hot and what’s not. Maikka Piquemal let you know how to blend in with the locals in the trendy Marais, and we gave the run down on where to eat on lesser-known Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis.

We took you to the north of Paris too, making sure you knew all the hot spots to visit in Pigalle and how to properly explore Paris’ largest flea market, Les Puces.

Left: a photo of the Seine river in Paris. Right: a photo of Marissa Cox sitting on a park bench in Paris.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without a bit of shopping. Our very own Ali Postma kept you in the loop on the hottest French designers, from the best French swimwear to summer sandals, our favorite French jewelry brands, and French holiday gifts.

We also let you in on French brands with a sustainable focus, and the best places to find luxury second-hand clothing in Paris.  

2021 has been an exciting year for HiP Paris as we launched our own shop—a place for you to browse and buy all our favorite French books, clothing, and experiences as well as find vacation rentals, a place of your own, and more!

Left: a photo of a girl on her iPhone on the Seine in Paris. Right: a photo of a couple reading a newspaper on an apartment balcony in Paris.
@vutheara / @reispackers

French Dating & Love Stories

There’s a reason why Paris is called the city of love but things are never simple that’s for sure. Yvonne Hazelton let us in on her private life, sharing her thoughts on dating French men and how she ended up moving during the pandemic. We covered dating apps, and even how to have creative friend dates in Paris.

Expat Friends

This year we got the chance to sit down and chat with some successful expats living in Paris, including author and influencer Marissa Cox, Amanda Bankert from Boneshaker Doughnuts, and Versailles-based pastry chef Molly Wilkinson.

Left: a photo of an assortment of pasteries on a marble bench. Right: a photo of Molly Wilkinson walking her dog through a market in France.

Learning French in Creative Ways

Learning French is difficult. But it doesn’t have to be boring. For example, many people have started using TikTok and Instagram to learn French.

The HiP Paris Sweepstakes

In August, we ran the HIP Paris Sweepstakes in an effort to keep us afloat. And thanks to you, we have made it to see another year! Thank you all!

Left: a photo of a flower boutique in Paris, with a biker biking past. Right: a photo of a plumbing shop in Paris.
@javiernapi / @pamelaloutfi

Lastly, thank you to all the amazing writers, bloggers, photographers, and the HiP Paris team for all their hard work, and for sharing their tips and Paris secrets for all to enjoy!

And thank you to our readers for sticking by us through it all.  

There we have it: HiP Paris 2021 wrapped!

Happy Holiday season to everyone. We look forward to bringing you even more of the best of Paris and beyond in 2022!

Written by Verity McRae for HiP Paris. Looking to travel? Check out Plum Guide and our Marketplace for fabulous vacation rentals in Paris, France or Italy. Looking to rent long or short term, or buy in France? Ask us! We can connect you to our trusted providers for amazing service and rates or click here. Looking to bring France home to you or to learn online or in person? Check out our marketplace shop and experiences.


Verity McRae

Verity is a Kiwi expat and hobby writer currently living in Paris. Before moving to the other side of the world in 2020, she worked as a PR consultant at a corporate communications agency in New Zealand for three years. Later this year Verity will begin a masters degree in Paris in pursuit of an international career in communications. In her spare time, you can find Verity wandering in and out of Parisian bookshops, sat down with a coffee at her favourite cafe Loustic or going for scenic runs along the Seine.

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