Left: A picture of the court of Merci Concept Store, located in Le Marais. It showcases a vintage red Volkswagen and its iconic coffee shop/library with beautiful glass panels can be seen behind the car. Right: A picture from Serpent à Plume, an urbane lounge with unique, cavelike architecture, that is located 2 mins away from Place des Vosges. In here, a man is seen wearing a set of pyjamas and a brown blazer while brushing his teeth in a gorgeously designed office.
Top left: Le Perchoir Marais / Top right: Imparfaite.
Above left: Merci Paris by @alexandrine_ar / Above right: Serpent à Plume

With the rise of popular shows like Emily in Paris thrust upon us, and in direct contrast to the notoriously sophisticated yet simple style the French are celebrated foryou may be wondering how to dress like a true-born Parisien.ne without appearing overbearing. In this series, we will do our very best to show you how to look like a local, and we begin with one of our most favorite Parisian quartiers, Le Marais. 

Left: A photo from Serpent à Plume, an urbane lounge with unique, cavelike architecture, that is located 2 mins away from Place des Vosges. In this picture, two well-dressed gentlemen are standing on a Parisian rooftop with a luggage and some accessories. Right: A photo taken from L'Officine Universelle Bully, a perfume store in Paris since 1803. This photo shows one of its beautiful stores in Le Haut Marais that is designed to look like a Speakeasy bar complete with drinks and spirits in wooden furnishings.
Left: Serpent à Plume / Right: L’Officine Universelle Buly

Le Marais is hands down the trendiest neighborhood in Paris. From being an aristocratic district, to hosting Paris’ main Jewish communities in the 19th century, to the current center of LGBT culture, hip art galleries, and fashion houses… There is nothing not to love about this lively rive droite district. Here are our tips for blending in on the streets of this hip hub.

Left: A photo of two ladies living in Le Marais, Kasia Dietz and Anna Dawson, walking side by side near a Métro station in their hip outfits. Right: A photo of a famous bar in Le Marais named Le Voltigeur with its iconic giant teddy bears sitting in their outdoor tables while a cyclist is passing by. Their famed life-sized nutcracker dolls can also be seen here.
Left: Kasia Dietz & Anna Dawson / Right: Le Voltiguer by @dreuxvalou

The Formula

To look the part, your outfit should consist of three key components: a statement piece to set the bar, a branded staple to vamp it up, and a street-styled ensemble to play it all down. Everyone loves luxury items but it is a bad idea to embellish yourself with it (Gucci from head to toe? C’est un non!). Keep these two keywords in mind: casual chic.

Left: A photo of the facade of Boot Café, a hip coffee shop located in Le Marais. This café has preserved the location's blue exterior and sign as a "cordonnerie" or a shoe repair shop. Right: Fashion design director Adrian Appiolaza is captured wearing a trendy outfit of an oversized navy blue coat, navy trousers folded up until his ankle, shiny black leather shoes, white knitted turtleneck, yellow sunnies, and a navy bonnet.
Left: Boot Café by @march21_spring / Right: @adrianappiolaza

Ditch What’s Mainstream

At all costs, avoid what everyone else is wearing. Remember – you are the trendsetter. Choose a cashmere turtleneck, or a lustrous silk scarf. Go for some sleek cigarette pants in place of tight-fit denim jeans. And do not wear a beret!  

Left: A model from a local fashion brand in Le Marais called Koshka is pictured wearing a brown leather blazer, white V-neck shirt and black pencil skirt. Right: A model from a local fashion brand in Le Marais called Ekjo is wearing a sleek beige coat with an oversized silk scarf.
Left: Koshka Paris / Right: Ekjo Paris

Opt for Leather

Nothing is more stylish than a leather blazer. Choose a high-quality one that can complement your skin tone. A nice fit is always a classic, but going oversize can work too.

Left: Fashion design director Adrian Appiolaza is captured in a Métro platform with the green-and-white subway train blazing behind. He is wearing an oversized red coat with a an blue jumpsuit and a green bag. Right: A picture of the famous covered market in Le Marais called Marché des Enfants Rouges. It is home to fresh produce, flowers, and restaurants.
Left: @adrianappiolaza / Right: Marché des Enfants Rouge by @dlm_projection

Rebel Against Parisian Fashion Rules

While Parisians love their neutrals and their trademark two-toned palette of matching colors, you are encouraged to be avant-garde and play with color. However, there’s a thin line between being stylish and being exuberant—soften it by staying simple. 

Left: 2 male models are posing in front of a red Le Marais building door in their beige, black, and white outfits. Right: A close up of a male model's outfit of knitted sweater and vintage black purse. This photo is also taken in Le Marais.


This may not be for everybody, but residents of Le Marais are never shy about adding a vintage item to their look. A worn-out shirt from the 80s pairs well with straight-cut Levi’s 501 jeans (and don’t forget the right attitude and confidence).

Left: A model for Le Marais fashion brand Ferdinand Duval is posing inside a beautiful Parisian living room. She is wearing a beige blazer that matches the color of the living room. Right: A photo of the interiors of the Musée Picasso which is located in Le Marais. It showcases its gorgeous Haussmanian architecture and staircase.
Left: @ferdinandduval / Right: Musée Picasso by @annemaudette

Support Local

In Le Marais, the streets are lined with haut de gamme brands along with small creative shops. They all co-exist in perfect harmony. It is indeed easy to be attracted to these high-fashion lines, but do invest more in original designer brands instead. You’ll be delighted with their selection of products you won’t find anywhere else.

Left: A photo of man's electric blue trousers, navy blue socks, and black oxford leather shoes. Right: A photo of a restaurant in Le Marais called Gramme as a cyclist passes by.
Left: Serpent à Plume / Right: Gramme Cuisine Parisienne

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Left: A photo of Merci Paris' coffee shop with its customers in their tables. Merci is a concept store located in Haut Marais. Right: A photo of the ambient restaurant set up of a brasserie called Grand Coeur in Le Marais.
Left: Merci Paris by Palmyre Roigt / Right: Brasserie Grand Cœur


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