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  • Where to Shop for Plants in Paris

    Whether you’re just about to start your collection or you’re currently looking for “unicorns,” here is a guide where to shop for plants in Paris.

  • Left: A picture of the views in a Le Marais rooftop bar called Le Perchoir. It is located atop the BHV shopping mall, just beside Hôtel de Ville. In this photo, the Tour Saint-Jacques can be seen during sunset along with the magnificent collection of Parisian rooftops. Right: A model for a Le Marais fashion brand called Imparfaite is captured in her ensemble of vintage clothes -- green blazer, orange skirt, maroon crossbody bag, and white ankle boots.

    Paris Street Style: Le Marais

    There is nothing not to love about this lively rive droite district. Here, we give our tips for blending in on the streets of this hip hub.

  • Fashion mega-influencer Blair Eadie is seen in both pictures. Left: She is in NYC, particularly in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She is seen crossing the street with a coffee in her right hand and her transparent bag in her left. Behind her is the view of the iconic Manhattan Bridge. She is wearing a pair of big black sunnies, an orange faux fur coat, a striped black and white long sleeved turtleneck, black trainer pants with white side strip details, and a pair of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers in white. The street is lined with parked cars, a red motorcycle on the left, and a series of red-bricked pre-world war I buildings that are common in Brooklyn. Right: She is in Paris, leaning against a corner of a building where you can find the street name sign. The sign says "7th arrondissement, Avenue de La Bourdonnais". She is wearing an all red outfit -- red beret, red sunnies, red coat, red cigarette trousers, and a pair of red Manolo Blahnik mules. She is carrying a small brown leather bag on her left hand. Behind her are 3 parked black cars, a beautiful Haussmannian building, and the world-famous Eiffel Tower.

    NYC Fashion Versus La Mode Parisienne

    Both New York and Paris are fashion capitals. With one city opening fashion month and the other closing it, what sets these beloved metropolises apart?

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