On the left are residents walking on a city street full of greeneries, pink flowers, and beige buildings. On the right are cherry trees blooming with white flowers and a man in blue shirt.
Top – Saint-Germain-en-Laye: Les Maisons de Campagne by @madame_decore & Parc du Château by @vallypicture /
Above – Neuilly-sur-Seine by @patrimoinefrancilien & Parc des 5 continents Jacques Chirac in Levallois-Perret by @cestmaikka

Living in a small Parisian apartment isn’t for everyone. Télétravail in a studio or chambre de bonne is not for the faint of heart. Some want a lawn for barbeques in the summer, a garden for children and pets, or a large salon for entertaining. Others simply desire a quieter neighborhood, all while being close to our beloved City of Light.

For those in search of space to roam within arm’s reach of the French capital, here are our 8 favorite chic Parisian suburbs.

On the left is a skyline of buildings with zinc rooftops and maroon chimneys. On the right are red tulips and beige carnations in bloom.
Versailles: Quartier Saint-Louis by @agnescampocasso / Château de Versailles by @josephine_a_versailles


Levallois is the most densely populated city in Europe. It is also one of the most expensive suburbs of Paris. Several vehicle engineering companies are based here. It is also the birthplace of both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Today, it’s home to high-income urban professionals, and nearly four thousand global companies.

On the left is a skyline of buildings with zinc rooftops and maroon chimneys. On the right are red tulips and beige carnations in bloom.
Neuilly-sur-Seine: Square Beloeil by @villedeneuilly / @haiostudio


Neuilly is the most affluent residential area in France. It is valued for its immediate proximity to Paris’ Porte Maillot, La Défense business district, Bois de Boulogne, the Seine, and the popular Île de la Jatte. It hosts over ten thousand companies and a well developed public transportation system. Neuilly offers a pleasant lifestyle in an elegant setting.

On the left is a suburban tree-lined street with views of gray and beige buildings. On the left is a suburban avenue lined with cars, cherry blossoms, and red house gates.
Meudon: @the_brazilian_globetrotter / Avenue Paul Bert by @primaverre


If you fancy a charming countryside life with over five hundred hectares of fauna and flora, Meudon is a favorite for families. It is known for its history and culture. Paris is only ten minutes away by RER or the tramway. The town combines tree-lined villages, museums, and historic monuments, such as the Imperial Cedar, Villa Napoleon III, and the Musée Rodin. 

On the left is a terrace cafe with black tables and white chairs. On the right is the Chateau de Versailles in gold, white, and red details seen from its golden gates.
Versailles: @katreena / @etviceversailles


Beyond its iconic Château, Versailles is, indeed, a royal town. Its picturesque mansions, buildings and symmetrical grid of streets and gardens were the inspiration for the urban layout of London, Saint Petersburg, and Washington. Chic and well linked to central Paris, Versailles is a highly cultural city. It attracts tourists, business congresses, and festivals.

On the left is a crowd in a rave party with multicolored confetti and yellow fireworks. On the right is a black and white poster of the Seine river in gray and yellow texts.
Île des Impressionnistes, Chatou: Elektrik Park by @titoufromparis / @camillejacobs.sculptures


Impressionist painters Monet, Renoir, and Vlaminck created some of their best work here! 30 minutes from Paris via the RER, Chatou allures with its calm, greenery, and architecture. Maison Fournaise in Chatou was where Renoir painted the Luncheon of the Boating Party in 1881.

Two angles of the Parc des Ibis during a fall day with clear waters mirroring the blue sky, autumn trees, and a brown house.
Parc des Ibis, Le Vésinet: @emma78110 / @erikl.studio

Le Vésinet

Designed for the Parisian bourgeois as the first ville-parc or “garden city” in France, Le Vésinet is a sophisticated paradise. Lavish mansions and foliage merge the best of both urban and rural living. The village is filled with several delightful lakes – a refreshing substitute for the beloved river Seine.


This enchanting historic town is known for its narrow streets, vast forest, and castle. Saint-Germain-en-Laye was the birthplace of the sun king, Louis XIV. Covering an area of 19 square miles, the commune includes the National Forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. It is especially known for its football team Paris-Saint-Germain.

On the left is a parc filled with tall trees, green lawn, beige concrete, and green chairs. On the right are two brown horses, and 2 male racers, racing in a green field.
Neuilly-sur-Seine by @villedeneuilly / Maisons-Lafitte by @ot_maisonslafitte


An affluent, historical city 30 minutes from Paris by train, Maisons-Laffitte is an expat-favorite. It is one of the 21 “Imperial Towns” in France. With over 8500 acres of forest, this town is known as the “City of Horses” for its rich equestrian culture. It also has a beautiful Chateau that was a precursor to Versailles.

On the left is a young blonde girl in striped shirt, pink pants, and yellow boots holding a green rope of her brown poney. On the right is a house with a terrace seen from a garden full of white flowers and 2 tall trees.
Parc de Maisons-Lafitte by @ecurie_les_petits_chevaux / Île des Impressionnistes, Chatou by @louisegoingout

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On the left is a bird's eye view of a city full of white and gray buildings. On the left is a street lined with orange buildings and gray cars.
Levallois-Perret by @villelevallois / Chatou by @omarcharfeddine


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