In France, January 6 is the Épiphanie, which celebrates the day the three wise men visited baby Jesus. Epiphany, or the fête des rois (festival of kings), is celebrated by eating a galette des rois (cake of kings), a tradition that has existed in France since the 14th century. 

A traditional galette des rois is a round cake (symbolizing the sun) made out of puff pastry and frangipane. Inside, a small porcelain or earthenware charm, or la fêve, is placed, and the person who gets the slice with la fêve is crowned king or queen for the day. In the south of France, the galette is replaced by a brioche des rois, a ring of brioche with candied fruits on top.

Here are our picks for the best galettes des rois in Paris for 2022.

Left: a photo of a baker making bread. Right: a photo of bread
Top: Bruno van der Kraan / Mamiche. Above: The French Bastards – Geraldine Martens

The French Bastards

Every year, the French Bastards team up with a different chef to realize their galette des rois. This year, it’s pastry chef François Daubinet. Together, they have created a pain des rois which resembles head boulanger-pâtissier of the French Bastards Julien Abourmad’s signature tourte de seigle.

Inside this trompe l’œil is an almond cream, roasted powdered almonds, and broken raw almonds. They “bastardize” the recipe by adding a unique bread praline, inserted after cooking, which slowly melts into the heart of the galette. They also have a galette traditionnelle.

Left: a tattooed man's arm holding a cut open galette des rois by the French Bastards. Right: two slices of galette des rois by the French bastards on a black background.
The French Bastards – Geraldine Martens

Cyril Lignac

Cyril Lignac honors his southern roots with his gâteau des rois, a ring of brioche made with Charentes butter, delicately flavored with orange blossom, and decorated with candied oranges, sugar grains, pistachios, and caramelized hazelnuts. 

Left: a Northern France galette des rois by Cyril Lignac. Right: a Southern France gateau des rois by Cyril Lignac.
Cyril Lignac

In addition, their caramelized Charentes butter puff pastry is available with almond cream and almond milk for those looking for a traditional galette, or with gianduja for chocolate lovers.

The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

Galettes des rois topped with sliced almonds and icing sugar with a paper crown sitting on top by The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir.
The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

It’s the first Christmas for the Ritz Paris’ new pâtisserie Le Comptoir, run by pastry chef François Perret. Delight yourself and your loved ones with his classic galette des rois, with an inverted puff pastry, melting frangipane, and almond macaronade. You can also get individual, bar-shaped crousti-galettes.

Left: A Parisian Haussmann-style building on a corner with a puddle in the foreground reflecting the building. Right: individual bar-shaped crousti galettes des rois by The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir.
Matt Seymour / The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

Le Meurice Paris

Cédric Grolet and his pastry chef François Deshayes’ galette des rois for Le Meurice is a soft flaky brioche, delicately coated with smooth almond cream and pecan cream. The latter is punctuated with a crunchy praline with pecans. 

Left: a couple standing under an umbrella in the snow in front of Moulin de la Galette restaurant in Montmartre. Right: two galettes des rois with a praline topping by Le Meurice Paris.
Celine Ylmz / Le Meurice Paris

Hôtel Molitor Paris

The Molitor’s square galette des rois features a butter puff pastry with a hazelnut, almond, and cocoa frangipane. On top is a 70% chocolate glaze with roasted almonds and hazelnut chips. The galette comes with not one but three fêves! If you find the clover you will win: a 30-minute facial treatment at the Spa by Clarins; the ladybug: two entrances to the pools, hammam, sauna, and gym; and the horseshoe: a one-night stay for two people.

Shangri-La Paris

Pastry chef Maxence Barbot has partnered with the renowned Maison Bucherer to create this prestigious galette des rois. Enjoy a gourmet creation and discover special lucky charms in the form of small keys, designed by Bucherer, that will unlock unique experiences at the Shangri-La.

Left: an elderly gentleman dressed in black with a walking stick standing out the front of Castel Cafe. Right: two galettes des rois with the letter 'm' in icing sugar on top by Mamiche.
Bruno van der Kraan / Mamiche


Popular boulangerie Mamiche will have their famous galette des rois which is 100% homemade, including the pâte feuilletée, and features classic frangipane.

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