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  • The Best French Fashion Brands for Summer

    Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to talk about summer fashion.

  • Fluctuart: A Floating Urban Art Center in Paris’ 7ème

    Fluctuart is the world’s first floating urban art center which has just opened by Pont des Invalides in Paris’ 7th arrondissement.

  • Rue Paul Bert: Where To Eat In Paris’ 11eme

    Rue Paul Bert and the surrounding streets in the 11th arrondissement of Paris are a gastronomic haven dominated by two well-known chefs: Bertrand Auboyneau and Cyril Lignac.

  • 5 French Fashion Brands for Looking Like a Parisienne

    If I can’t look French, at least I can dress French, right? And dressing in French brands is a good start. So if you’re also a foreigner wanting to look the part, here are some of my favorite French brands to help you look more Parisian.

  • Eataly Paris Opens Its Doors

    Popular Italian food hall Eataly has opened their 39th outpost in Paris, the first in France. Located behind the BHV in the heart of the Marais, this massive marketplace is set to be the epicenter of Italian food in Paris.

  • HiP Paris' guide to the best burgers in Paris, like at Bio Burger, where all the ingredients are 100% organic.

    The Best Burgers in Paris

    Everyone who knows me knows that I am a burger addict. I was a burger addict in Melbourne and that has certainly not changed in Paris. When I moved here I made it my mission to try all of the veritable burger joints in the city in a quest to find the best burger around.

  • The Maison du Zero Dechet Paris lifestyle concept store facade.

    A Zero Waste Living Shop in Paris: La Maison du Zéro Déchet

    With the increasing awareness of the impact of excess waste on our planet, you might be wondering how you personally can help.
    La Maison du Zéro Déchet is not only a concept shop, it’s a resource center truly dedicated to zero-waste living. It’s the first place of its kind in Paris, and hosts a program of workshops, conferences, screenings, and urban walks, as well as a beautiful and inviting shop. If you’re still looking for some last-minute Christmas presents, or just something eco-friendly and lovely, this is the perfect place to find a guilt-free gift.

  • HiP Paris Blog rounds up the best Australian-style brunch and coffee in Paris

    The Best Australian-Style Brunch & Coffee in Paris

    The Aussie brunch, or “brekkie” (short for breakfast), has taken off internationally. Australian’s love to travel, and have taken their passion for brunch and coffee with them, opening cafes in London, New York, and Paris. Locals have jumped on the bandwagon too. The New York Times describes Australian brunch as ‘bright mashups of foods that are healthy, natural and luxurious all at once’. So if you’re looking for Australian cuisine in Paris, here are some of the best new brunch places to go:

  • Foodie hotspot in Paris, Beaupassage is a chic new hub for restaurants, art and wellness.

    Beaupassage: A Paris Gastronomic and Wellness Haven

    Paris is famous for its covered passages and galeries, shopping arcades that date back to the 19th century. Today, these architectural gems typically house shops, restaurants, and cafes. But now there’s a new passage in town, by the name of Beaupassage.

  • La Portena restaurant in Montmartre in Paris serves delicious homemade Argentinian food, including empenadas.

    French Restaurant Alternatives in Montmartre

    While Montmartre’s numerous bistros serving traditional French fare often leave much to be desired, there are a number of small restaurants serving excellent international cuisine. If you’re looking for something delicious and different, don’t hesitate to try one of these addresses.

  • Learning French in Paris is best in summer when you can meet people to practise at picnics on the River Seine out in the sunshine like these two couples sitting on the banks facing the Haussmann houses on the other side.

    An Aussie in Paris: Learning French

    While writing a thesis on French film at university in Australia, I thought it would probably be a good idea to learn French. I spent a year having lessons at Alliance Française in Melbourne. After completing my degree and spending a year or two working, I finally decided to make the move to Paris.

  • HiP Paris Blog rounds up new summer hangouts in Paris

    New Paris Summer Hangouts: Rooftop Bars, Terrasses & Gardens

    Summer is in full swing and there’s no better place to relish the sunshine than Paris’ many terraces, outdoor bars, and rooftops. But are you looking for somewhere new to discover? Luckily, Paris is a forever changing landscape.

  • One of our favorite Paris restaurants for Italian food is La Félicita with its arty decor, plants and fun vibes.

    The Big Mamma Group’s Newest (and Biggest) Venture La Felicità

    The Big Mamma Group has done it again. And how their latest venture, La Felicità – their 7th, newest, and biggest restaurant in Paris – can be trumped is anyone’s guess. La Felicità (which means happiness in Italian) comes in at 4500sqm (including 1000sqm of terrace) with 1000 seats, also claiming the title as the biggest restaurant in Europe.