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  • The Best French Ciders

    France has some catching up to do when it comes to craft cider. But over the years, I’ve discovered some great French cider brands that are leading the way.

  • What to do in Paris and Online in April

    Spring is in full swing and it’s a beautiful time of year in Paris. Here’s what to do in Paris and online in April.

  • Best French Chocolates for Easter

    Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about chocolate. And France has some lovely chocolateries. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself, here are some of the best:

  • What to Do in Paris and Online in March

    March is here and it’s always a nice surprise when you notice the days getting longer. Here’s what you can do this month in Paris and online.

  • Where to Buy French Art

    Art has the ability to transport you to another place and time. Here are my top three suggestions of where to buy art to adorn your walls and dream of la vie française.

  • What to do in Paris and Online in February

    February is here already! Here are some online and in-real-life events you can participate in to keep your spirits high.

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts from France

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and where better to get your loved one (or yourself) a special gift than France, home of the City of Love. If you’re feeling a bit stuck for a gift this year, here are some ideas from local creatives and French brands that you can shop online.

  • Expat Entrepreneurs in Paris: La Chambre Paris

    Moving to a foreign country, learning a new language, and finding work is daunting enough, let alone starting your own business! But that’s exactly what Ian and Alison from French bed linen company La Chambre Paris have done. We recently spoke to American-born Alison about life in the City of Light.

  • A woman looking in a store window. It is for the store Repetto in Paris. The woman has lng dark hair and is wearing a black coat with a red and black backpack. She is only visible from the side.

    What to do in Paris and Online in January

    Eat some cake, do some online shopping (the soldes are coming!), and catch a virtual event or two, whether you’re in Paris or not.

  • A street in Paris at dusk. There is a café n the corner with a black awning and Christmas lights decorated it. There is also a white awning with the words "Service Non Stop 7/7" written on it in black. There are people walking in the street and the café is lit up.

    How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Like the French

    There are plenty of ways you can have a festive and French New Year’s Eve celebration at home. Here are some tips to help make it a special night.

  • Left: a woman wearing white knee high boots. She is also wearing a white dress and a white jacket. The upper half of her body isn't visible. She is leaning against a white column. Right: a black and white photo of a woman sitting in a chair in a n empty room. Her back is to the camera and her hair is long and flowing down her back. She has on a black skirt and her top is bare. There is a light shining to the left.

    The Best French Winter Fashion

    Winter is upon us, and while I’ve noticed Paris winters getting milder and milder, it’s still cold enough for this Australian. Here are some fashion staples by French brands.

  • What to do (Online) in Paris in December

    In Paris, our second lockdown isn’t due to end until December 15. But never fear, there are plenty of online events happening to keep us busy.

  • French Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Online

    You may not have been able to travel to France this year and indulge in a little shopping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it online. Here are some holiday gift ideas.

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