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Most of us know that Place Vendôme is the home to big-name French jewelry brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, and Chaumet. But not all of us can afford a piece from one of these luxury labels, or maybe you’re just looking for something a little bit different. Look a little further afield and you’ll find smaller, more affordable (relatively!) jewelry brands making beautiful pieces that you’re sure to cherish forever:

Left: a woman holding her hands above her head wearing a gold bracelet and two rings by Bonanza plus a headscarf. Right: a brunette woman with her hair done up holding a scarf up against her chest wearing gold and pearl drop earrings from Bonanza.


Bonanza is a unisex jewelry brand inspired by vintage treasures. All their jewelry is handmade in France and plated with 24-carat fine gold. Each piece is unique, with its own irregularities. Bonanza collaborates with several small-scale French workshops that boast savoir-faire in both the design and manufacture of jewelry. As a beach lover, my favorites are their shell-inspired pieces such as the Loya and Oria earrings, the Calla necklace, and Marieta hairpin.

Left: Penelope Cruz in jeans and a white shirt wearing jewelry from Bonanza. Right: a brunette woman with her hand up against her jaw/ear wearing a ring and earring by Douze Paris.
Left: Penelope Cruz wearing Bonanza. Right: Douze Paris.

Élise Tsikis

Élise Tsikis celebrates the designer’s Greek heritage and culture, and the traditions of French jewelry. Her team is all female and feminist, donating a percentage of each sale to the Fondation des Femmes, as well as 1% For The Planet.

Left: a woman with curly dark hair in a blue and yellow floral top wearing gold earrings by Elise Tsikis. Right: the same woman wearing another pair of gold earrings and rings by Elise Tsikis.
Élise Tsikis

She aims to reduce her environmental impact by using 24-carat recycled Fairtrade gold. Élise Tsikis has bridal jewelry, jewelry for kids, as well as decorative objects. All her creations are made in France, handcrafted in her Parisian workshop. I love her floral designs plus her Hestia earrings and Herode anklet.

Left: a blonde woman wearing a floral necklace and matching earrings by Elise Tsikis. Right: a dark haired woman wearing jewelry by Elise Tsikis.
Élise Tsikis


The designer behind Bôneur, Maud Bismuth, comes from a family of jewelers and goldsmiths. As a child, she played with and created jewelry in her mother’s workshop.

Left: a solid gold, heart shaped pendant on a gold chain necklace by Bôneur. Right: a close up of a woman's chest wearing two gold necklaces by Bôneur.

Now she keeps this heritage alive with her own brand, based in Montmartre. Bôneur’s jewelry is plated with 18-carat solid gold, and only includes natural precious and semi-precious stones that have been ethically sourced. I want one of their zodiac constellations necklaces (Leo, please!)

Left: gold chain bracelets or necklaces with pearls by Bôneur. Right: a close up of a woman's chest wearing two gold necklaces by Bôneur.

Aurélie Bidermann

Aurélie Bidermann is a Parisian maison de joaillerie specializing in fine and costume jewelry. Their first collection was born near Place Vendôme in a family workshop that has been collaborating with the most renowned establishments in Paris for over three generations. In keeping with the demands of fine jewelry, each piece is assembled, engraved, signed, and polished by hand. 

Left: a woman in a collared shirt wearing a gold necklace by Aurelie Bidermann. Right: a woman in a brown turtleneck wearing a gold tassel necklace by Aurelie Bidermann.
Aurélie Bidermann

The maison selects only natural, untreated, hand-picked stones, and all diamonds are sourced solely from countries that are members of the international certification organization known as the Kimberley Process. I adore their bold and colorful Diana bangles and Honolulu bracelets, as well as their chunky Miki rings

Left: a woman in a grey hoodie wearing a chunky gold ring by Aurelie Bidermann. Right: a woman in a cream turtleneck wearing a long gold necklace by Aurelie Bidermann.
Aurélie Bidermann

Douze Paris

The founder of Douze Paris, Hermine, is all about slow, responsible fashion. Douze Paris uses ethical and recycled 18-carat gold and only sources from RJC-COC-certified foundries in order to control the traceability of the metals. Like Aurélie Bidermann, their diamonds come solely from countries that are members of the Kimberley Process. Douze Paris makes engagement and wedding rings, men’s and custom jewelry, and will also clean, polish, engrave, and repare your jewelry. 

Right: a woman in an open black vest wearing gold jewelry by Bonanza. Right: a woman's hands holding a croissant wearing gold rings by Monsieur Paris.
Left: Bonanza. Right: Monsieur

Monsieur Paris

All Monsieur Paris jewelry is made in France, designed by creator Nadia Azoug, and exclusively handcrafted in their Parisian workshop on rue Perrée (in the historic jewelry district, the 3rd arrondissement) in full view of the public.

Left: a close up of three stacked gold rings with different colored stones by Monsieur Paris. Right: a woman holding a teaspoon above a coffee wearing gold rings by Monsieur Paris.

They have two lines: one in vermeil or 925 sterling silver, and the other in 18-carat gold (yellow, rose, or white for finer pieces). All of their pieces are semi-customizable, but you can also get entirely custom made. Monsieur Paris also makes engagement rings and men’s jewelry. I’m a fan of all things turquoise so I love their Athenais ring, Lehna necklace, and Izem bracelet.

Left: a gold pendant necklace featuring a zodiac constellation resting on paper with sketched designs of the necklaces by Bôneur. Right: a blonde woman in a brown collared shirt wearing gold jewelry by Bôneur.

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