From chic kitchen gadgets and tools to artisanal ingredients, France is a fountain of gastronomical delights. We all know a food-lover, and if you’re shopping for one this Christmas, why not gift something French-themed? A present inspired by one of the world’s top food destinations is bound to be received well!

Left: A dark red colored linen napkin lying on a white plate. Right: a plate of foie gras, garnished with herbs and sauce dripping from a spoon.
Top: Monika Grabkowska
Above: Bordeaux linen tablecloth from Madame de la Maison / Foie Gras by D’Artagnan

A set of 6 Laguiole black knives 

Laguiole knives are perhaps the most quintessential French kitchen accessory. They’ve been around since the early 19th century, born in the small mountain village in Aveyron (southwest France).

Left: A black folding knife rests on top of two hands. Right: A board of dried red sausages.
Folding knife from Forge de Laguiole / Saucisson, Julia Filirovska

Genuine Laguiole knives are produced by only a small number of companies, and are made entirely by hand using original production methods. They’re characterized by their unimpeachable quality and beautiful craftsmanship. 

Left: An orange box full of pastries and sweets. Right: sets of chocolates in golden wrappers with brown ribbons.
À la Mère de Famille

Confectionary box from À la Mère de Famille

It’s a treat enough to visit this gorgeously traditional confectioners, with its opulent lighting, mahogany countertops, and vast display of jewel-like treats. For those who can’t make the trip, an assortment box from À la Mère de Famille will surely suffice. The ‘Montmartre Box’ is carefully composed of chocolate orangettes, traditional guimauves, old-fashioned candies, and decadent pâte à tartiner. Yum! 

Left: A chef in a brown apron holds a red circular casserole. Right: A silver butter dish sits atop a red linen napkin.
Dutch Oven from Le Creuset / Bordeaux linen tablecloth from Madame de la Maison

French Linen from Madame de la Maison

The secret to a positively French-feeling kitchen and dining room? Gorgeous table linen. This maroon coloured tablecloth is composed of 100% linen from flax grown and woven in Europe. 

Left: A slate board full of charcuterie essentials like fig, cheese, ham, bread, and olives. Right: A lot of food-themed hair clips in a variety of colors.
Charcuterie board from D’Artagnan / Food-themed hair clips from Coucou Suzette

A gourmet gift from D’Artagnan

Hopping on a plane and picking up a few French delicacies may be out the the question, but with a gourmet gift from D’Artagnan, you won’t need to! It’s home to an array of French foodie delights. Their classic charcuterie gift collection is sophisticated and moreish, and things don’t get more French than their Foie Gras gift set or duck foie gras torchon.

Left: A set of salt and pepper mills — a small beige salt mill and a taller black pepper mill. Right: 3 red apples on a brown plate with wooden knife.
Peugeot salt and pepper mills / Traditional knife from Forge de Laguiole

Peugeot salt and pepper mills

Designed and crafted in France, Peugeot pepper and salt mills are a French kitchen staple. This chic Peugeot ‘Paris Chef’ set – complete with a salt and pepper mill, a pepper pot, and a pink salt pot – makes for the perfect Christmas gift. 

Left: An eggplant themed purple socks. Right: A radish themed beige socks.
Food-themed socks from Coucou Suzette

A food-themed accessory from Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette’s adorable accessories are seriously smile-inducing. This independently run French boutique offers up a number off food-themed accessories, including an irresistibly sweet and iridescent radish clip, a beautiful hair claw shaped as a bunch of grapes, aubergine socks, and a kitsch oyster-shaped pocket mirror with a beautiful pearl detail. 

Left: a dutch oval casserole with herbs surrounding it. Right: A store-front with green and black decor.
Dutch Oven from Le Creuset / À la Mère de Famille

A Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Individually crafted by French artisans from the finest quality materials since 1925, the Le Creuset Dutch oven is loved by home cooks and restaurant chefs alike. It’s a chic – and practical – addition to any kitchen. The greatest difficultly is choosing a color. 

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Left: a breakfast set with a white plate, wooden board, 2 brown cupcakes, and a cup of coffee.
A breakfast set, Caroline Hernandez

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