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Earlier this summer, while traveling and visiting some French friends, I was intrigued by the allure of their, very French, kitchen. Being a fortunate daily witness of the ease and customs of my friends dans la cuisine lead me to wonder, what is missing in my American kitchen? I set forth to discover some of what helps create such joie de vivre and allure in the French kitchen. 

Left: An orange Le Creuset cooking dish is pictured with a chickpea curry inside. Right: Various Le Creuset kitchenware (casserole dishes, baking dishes, frying pans) are displayed on a wooden shelf
Top: Paris street @pursuit_of_places / Apples @forgedelaguiole
Above: Cooking with Le Creuset @lecreusetfrance

Le Creuset

One of, if not the most iconic cookware brands, Le Creuset has been a French kitchen staple since 1925.  Often handed down through generations, the easy to clean dutch oven is a traditional favorite and available in a range of colors to suit any style. Prized by the beloved Julia Child, this magical cookware assists in making the perfect French dish.

Peugeot salt and pepper mills 

In 1810 the Peugeot brothers, Jean Pierre et Jean Frédéric, took a family mill inherited from their miller ancestor and turned it into a steel mill, setting themselves apart with their cutting-edge grinding technology. Today Peugeot still manufactures their original design salt and pepper mills, as well as other cherished French kitchen staples found everywhere from Michelin-starred restaurants to quaint Provençal kitchens. 

Left: A quiet street in Montmartre is illuminated by the sunshine. Right: A table (laden with food and wine) and two chairs are pictured on a Parisian balcony
Pretty Paris @unealternanteaparis / Dining outside @sophieannenadeau

Laguiole knives 

Originating from the village of Laguiole, France, these knives have a history dating back to 1828.  Originally a peasant knife, they are hand manufactured with a high degree of quality control. Genuine horn and wood, along with high quality stainless steel are benchmarks of their design. These knives are not only works of art but they make food preparation easy, saving you time and energy.

Left: A woman in a stripy dress holds a woven basket-style bag with two baguettes inside. Right: An orange Silpat mould sits to the left of a piping-bag full of madeleine mixture
Woman with basket @everthrift / Silpat with madeleine @silpat_fr

Silpat liners 

This magical kitchen accessory is a combination of silicone and woven glass. A Silpat liner replaces the need for parchment paper or cooking spray and works best on top of a baking sheet. Your results? An even cooking surface and easy cleanup. I promise, you’ll want more than one. 

French tea towels

Classic French tea towels are pure linen or a métis, meaning a blend of linen and cotton. These towels are used for drying produce, lining bread baskets, keeping food warm, drying dishes, and cleaning messes— among other things. They are ultra-absorbent and get softer with every wash. No matter your preference you will find a range from beautiful basics to colorful prints throughout France. 

Left: The Sacré-cœur is pictured from a busy Montmartre street. Right: A cream-coloured reusable net bad is pictured filled with fruit and vegetables.
Autumn sun @sophieannenadeau / Reusable market bag @wisteriabluecrafts

Market bags

The French believe in fresh quality seasonal ingredients as a base for their cooking. From north to south,  you will see locals walking to and from the market with their reusable bags. From the more flexible woven produce bags to large market baskets, they all have a use and are a common staple in homes.

Corkscrews and glassware

The stereotypes are true. A meal in France is not complete without an apéritif and wine, making a premium corkscrew another essential found in every French kitchen. A favorite of sommeliers, the Coutale sommelier range of corkscrews are made of wood and stainless steel, with a spring-loaded double lever, making for ease of use. With beautiful but versatile glassware, any drink of your choice will fit any celebration.

Left: A crêperie with a vibrant blue and white sign is pictured with three bicycles sat outside it. Right: Navy and white patterned napkins are pictured on top of a dinner table
Crêperie @emilytaubert / French tea towel @archeliving


A French kitchen can be as diverse as the French themselves. From shiny and modern to warm and cozy— an elegant yet casual ambiance is always created. The inspirational Madame de la Maison is a wonderful source for creating the French kitchen of your dreams. Look to Madame for linens, antiques, china, and endless visual delight. 

Left: Wooden Peugeot pepper mills sit on a kitchen shelf next to different spices. Right: An orange Le Creuset casserole pot sits on top of a black wooden counter.
Pepper mills @peugeot_saveurs / Orange casserole Le Creuset @lecreusetfrance

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