Left: A photo of the Eiffel tower, the seine, and a boat taken at sunset. Right: A picture fo a woman with a gold necklace and leopard print shirt.
Top right: @lageorgienne in Chanel for @loretteetjasmin / Top left: @javiernapi
Above left: @moody_jas / Above right: Vintage Printed Yves Saint Laurent Shirt by @loretteetjasmin

Lately, the conversation to think circular and live sustainably is on hyper-drive, making us second-guess our purchases. But what does that mean when it comes to my clothes? Getting dressed is hard enough.

The standard French response to this “new way” of thinking about our closets is, what’s the big deal? Les Parisiennes have been borrowing from their mother’s closets, buying vintage at neighborhood boutiques, and procuring top labels and luxury handbags from auction houses for decades.

Left: A photo of a green Hermès Birkin bag. Right: A photo of a Parisian building with a green door.
Left: Vintage Hermès Kelly bag by resee.com / Right: @andregarance

French women have been creating their style with second-hand garments long before the term “pre-loved” was a thing. So how do French women create that je ne sais quoi style while sticking to their ‘less but more’ philosophy? What’s the secret to having très chic style, you might ask? Buying wardrobe staples and statement pieces from second-hand boutiques selling labels like Hermès, Chanel, Celine, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few.

When I first moved to Paris, I set-off to discover what’s inside these boutiques called dépôts-ventes (“drop-sell”). I found beautifully tailored jackets, delicious cashmere sweaters, and accessories that would make you drop to your knees. I recognized it’s not about finding a bargain, but how to curate a luxury wardrobe second-hand.

Left: A picture of a Parisian building with its gray rooftop and the blue sky. Right: A woman holds blue Chanel blazer hanged in a hanger in her left hand. Behind her is a blue Parisian door and a plant.
Left: @annemaudette / Right: Vintage Chanel Tweed Blazer by @laboutiquedecara

I learned how, and where, many Parisienne women mix high-end French fashion brands once exclusive to the ultra-rich, and younger designers like Isabel Marant, Maje, and Sézane—all at half the price. I learned second-hand shopping is not just for the young or the cool girls looking to get that “it girl” vibe so many Parisiennes pull off in their sleep. Second-hand shopping is for all women, all ages, all sizes, and all styles. Most of all, I mastered how to elevate my current wardrobe from fast-fashion and synthetic materials to luxury labels, 100% natural fibers, and collector pieces.

Left: A Parisian woman wearing vintage (denim blazer, orange jeans, burgundy Chanel bag) is walking through a Parisian street. Right: A Parisian woman is wearing vintage (black turtleneck, white button-down, beige and red blazer, blue jeans, and black waist belt in a Parisian pavement.
@lescoulissesdalice for @loretteetjasmin

Paris is the birthplace of many of these hidden boutiques and online platforms. It’s where the founder of 1stdibs got his inspiration to start an online luxury marketplace after visiting the Marché aux Puces in Paris, and where Vestiaire Collective began back in 2009.

Left: 2 feet wearing 2 sets of shoes. The one of the left is wearing orange sandals while the one on the left is wearing leopard print mules. Right: A picture of a vintage golden Cartier watch.
Left: @vestiaireco / Right: Cartier Watch by @emma.deluxe

To kick-off your journey buying luxury pre-loved fashion, I encourage you to start with the very best brands you dream of wearing. I recently purchased an Yves Saint Laurent wool skirt for €75 in one of my favorite boutiques on the left bank and a Louis Vuitton Monceau bag in Epi leather for €450 from a Paris-based online platform. These pieces would have set me back thousands if I purchased them from a retail store. And let’s not forget about jewelry. Right now, collecting chunky necklaces, statement earrings, and cuffs from designers like Christian Lacroix, Dior, Chanel, and Lavin is a sure investment.

Left: A model is wearing a red-orange turtleneck in a green coat and green pants, accessorized with a green bag. Right: A picture of people hanging out by the Seine river on a summer day.
Right: @vestiaireco / Left: Summer in La Seine by @parisvisuals

Here are some of my favorite boutiques in Paris to curate a second-hand luxury wardrobe.

La Boutique de Cara – 80 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Dépôt Vente Deluxe – 2 Bis Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

Loretta & Jasmin – 6 Rue François Millet, 75016 Paris

L’Ibis Rouge – 35 Boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris

J’y Troque – 7 Rue Villédo, 75001 Paris

Left: A picture of a limited edition black Gucci loafers in fur. Right: 2 models wearing black poses for the camera.
Left: Gucci Princetown Fur-Lined Mules by @emma.deluxe / Right: New Romantic Style by @vestiaireco

And if you can’t be in Paris right now, let me bring a bit of pre-owned inspiration your way. Here are my favorite Paris-based online platforms selling luxury pre-owned French fashion. They all have international shipping and guarantee authenticity, too.

Joli Closet – https://www.jolicloset.com/fr/

The Brand Collector – https://thebrandcollector.com/

ReSee – https://www.resee.com/

Becoming sustainable can be très facile. In fact, you don’t have to change your shopping habits, just where you shop. And in typical French fashion, they made an art out of the pre-loved experience.

Left: A hand holds a vintage golden sequined bag. Right: A woman in modern Egyptian style wears big golden sea-shell earrings.
Vintage bag and accessories by @vestiaireco

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Left: A Parisian woman poses for the camera to showcase her vintage beige Chanel bag as she wears a brown sweater and peach jeans. Right: A Parisian woman in khaki suit wears a black bag as she walks in rue de Penthevre.
Left: Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Bag, Right: Vintage Gucci Bag by @loretteetjasmin

Written by Leticia Gonzales for HiP Paris. Looking to travel? Check out Plum Guide and our Marketplace for fabulous vacation rentals in Paris, France or Italy. Looking to rent long or short term, or buy in France? Ask us! We can connect you to our trusted providers for amazing service and rates or click here. Looking to bring France home to you or to learn online or in person? Check out our marketplace shop and experiences.


Leticia Gonzales

Leticia is an American stylist and entrepreneur living in Paris. Like any good Parisian, she shops for her dinner at those famous outdoor markets, rides a bicycle down Boulevard Saint-Michel, and sips cappuccinos at outdoor cafes – adopting the art of slowing down (aka – la pause). She advocates for sustainable luxury wardrobe with pre-loved fashion through her consignment store “La Cocaigne”.


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