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  • 2 montages from the Parisian bistrot "Le Bon Georges". Left: A close up of their restaurant interior. There is a blackboard containing all their menu, handwritten in chalk. Wooden tables and chairs are lined neatly with wine glasses and napkins ready for customers. The other side of the sitting panel has red velvet pillows. Seen also in this photo are two single and connected industrial steel chandeliers. Right: A close up of one of their menu, a grilled beef dish, served in a small steel pan and an antique blue and white plate. The beef is garnished with chopped yellow and red vegetables and served with grilled celery and fennel on the side.

    Le Bon Georges: A Modern French Bistro in the 9th

    With a menu that embraces the best of France and an approach to customer service that rejects the worst, Le Bon Georges is swiftly becoming a new neighborhood favorite in the 9th arrondissement.

  • Better Eating: Our Favorite Gluten-Free & Vegan Spots in Paris

    The New Year is upon us! We know we’re not alone in making resolutions, especially when it comes to eating more healthily. And that’s why we want to start the year by sharing our favorite restaurants and cafés that are both gluten-free and vegan.

  • Paris’ Best Gluten-Free Grocery Stores

    In this installment of our Best of Gluten-Free in Paris series, we provide a guide to grocery stores that stock high-quality gluten-free items.Here are a few places we suggest checking out to stock up on gluten-free foods in the City of Light.

  • The Best Gluten-Free Pizza & Italian Food in Paris

    In this installment of our Best of Gluten Free in Paris series, we focus on a universal favorite: pizza.

  • What to do in Paris in August

    If you’re visiting Paris or staying in town, here’s what to do in Paris this August from music and film festivals to outdoor swimming.

  • HiP Paris Blog GF and Organic abbatoir-vegetale

    Best of Gluten-Free in Paris: Organic and GF

    We bring you our favorite restaurants and cafés that are not only gluten-free but also use certified-organic ingredients.

  • What to do in Paris in July

    July starts to see the city slow down and settle into its summer pace. But while life takes on a slower pace in July, Paris events aren’t lacking.

  • Paris’ Best Baby Stores

    Young and old alike are attracted to the prospect of visiting Paris, and what better way to share and commemorate the experience than by investing in tangible souvenirs that will keep the spirit of Paris alive in your family?

  • Paris’ Best Neighborhood Markets

    More than just points of sale, markets bring together communities and are indispensable resources to anyone who lives in Paris and likes to cook. Here are a few of my favorite Paris markets and addresses in their surrounding areas.

  • A group of friends enjoying a beer with young person with tattooed fingers in foreground.

    The Best Craft Beer Shops In Paris

    Paris Beer Week, is the annual event to have on your calendar in Paris in June.

  • What to do in Paris in June 2019

    In addition to our favorite recurring June music festivals and events (more info below), June is full of fabulous Paris events to add to your social calendar. There’s something for everyone in the City of Light.

  • Gluten-Free in Paris Part 4: Paris’ Best GF Sweets

    Paris has a growing number of options for those who want to skip the gluten but keep their sweets. Here are a few of our favorite places to pop in for dessert or an afternoon snack.

  • Permaculture in France

    France offers many opportunities for those interested in sustainable farming methods to get their hands dirty and dive into permaculture concepts at working farms and education centers. Beyond a holistic approach to gardening, permaculture is a way of life.

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