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  • Epicerie Kilogramme Paris - Bulk Food Supermarket Shopping takes off

    The Top 5 Best Bulk Food Stores in Paris

    Paris has seen a variety of 100% bulk food shops open their doors across the city. Here are a few of our favorite spot to stock up without wasting in Paris:

  • HiP Paris' guide to the best Sustainable, Ethical & Fair-Trade Shopping in Paris

    The Best Sustainable, Ethical & Fair-Trade Shopping in Paris

    There is an increasing movement in France to support eco-minded commerce, with consumers demanding a certain ethical engagement from the businesses they support. Shops promoting fair trade are on the rise in cities across France, and Paris is no exception. From cooperatives that work directly with producers to creative caterers and events companies, those committed to promoting commerce équitable have plenty of options in Paris. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • What to do in Paris in March, from food festivals to sports events.

    March Events in Paris: Omnivore Festival, Half Marathon, Tutankhamun, Drake & More

    March sees Paris come back to life, with terraces slowly filling with sun-seeking Parisians and pedestrians lingering in the streets a little longer to enjoy a blue sky. The added energy that spring brings will come in handy if you’re trying to keep up with the busy event calendar this month, from food and drink events, cultural activities, and more.  

  • The best gluten-free places to go for lunch in Paris.

    Gluten-Free Paris Part 2: The Best GF Lunch Spots

    In this installment of our Best of Gluten-Free in Paris series, we round up our favorite spots to enjoy a gluten-free lunch among friends. Cozy and welcoming, the following restaurants will make you want to linger a little longer, and maybe even have a second round of gluten-free dessert! GF eating in Paris isn’t limited to just loaves of bread—it’s possible to enjoy a whole meal sans gluten if you know where to go!

  • Refettorio Paris restaurant in the Madeleine feeding the needy

    Refettorio Paris: Feeding the Needy With Fine Dining

    If you want to get into Refettorio Paris, an exclusive restaurant in the crypt of the Madeleine church, your best bet is by signing up to do the dishes. While the star-studded list of guest chefs—including acclaimed restaurateurs Alain Ducasse, Anne Sophie Pic, and Tatiana Levha—makes Refettorio sound like the pop-up event of the century, this dining experience is not intended for foodies with Instagram accounts. Refettorio aims to save its tables for those in need.

  • Kid friendly Paris: the best of kid friendly in Paris by the HiP Paris blog

    Paris with Kids: The Best of Kid Friendly in Paris

    When Paris’ mayor made the city’s public transportation services free for children under the age of 11, she took a step towards reducing air pollution in Paris. This also made the city a more welcoming place for families. While urban environments are not often considered kid friendly, Paris has come a long way in terms of becoming friendly for kids and families.

  • Gluten-free apple tarts at Chambelland bakery in Paris.

    Gluten-Free Paris Part 1: Paris’ Best Gluten-Free Bakeries

    Paris has seen a boom in gluten-free dining options over the past few years. With so many gluten-free options, it can be hard to know where to start. In order to help you find the best of gluten-free in Paris, we’ve put together a series of posts that round up the best GF addresses in the city.

  • A little girl at a baking workshop at the Agricool Urbain Exposition in Paris

    February Events in Paris: Chinese New Year, Agriculture Salon, Valentine’s Day & More

    February is a month full of festivals and special events that annually delight Parisians. While the holidays may be over, the fun doesn’t need to come to an end—so say no to winter blues, put on a warm coat, and take advantage of what Paris has to offer this February.

  • January in Paris is all about Fashion Week, including men's fashion week.

    January Events in Paris: Men’s Fashion Week, Classical Music, Soldes, Irving Penn & More

    As usual January in Paris is full of many fabulous events to help forget the winter chill. Enjoy! -Erica
    The new year starts with a bang for fashion lovers in Paris. The city hosts Paris Fashion Week from January 17 to 25, which features both ready-to-wear and haute couture fashion for men. Fashion shows and trade events take place across the city; the Grand Palais, the Palais Brongniart, and the Palais de Tokyo are some favorite PFW spots to see and be seen.

  • What to do for New Year's Eve in Paris by the HiP Paris blog team.

    What to do on New Year’s Eve in Paris

    New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to treat yourself to a fun end to this season of fêtes, and it’s hard to think of a more glamorous way to say adieu to the année than taking yourself out for a night on the town in Paris. Here are some great options for celebrating the New Year in Paris.

  • A favorite Parisian bistro with an outdoor terrace for drinks (left). French Suze cocktails from Rebekah Peppler's French 'Aperitif' book (right).

    Best Books on Paris

    The year 2018 was a banner année for Paris inspired texts, with first-time and seasoned authors releasing new books that we are sure you’ll want to return to over and over again. Here are our favorite picks for the 2018 class of books that are dedicated to Douce France and perfect for the Francophile on your Christmas list:

  • The waste after market days in Paris - HiP Paris Blog covers France's plastic ban which aims to reduce single-use plastic waste that's linked to climate change and other environmental threats.

    France Expands Single Use Plastic Ban for 2020

    After establishing itself as a front-runner in the quest to reduce pollution, France is now extending their plastic ban to be even more comprehensive. France first banned lightweight plastic bags, then become the first country in the world to ban plastic cups and plates in 2016. As part of its Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, France’s plastic ban will now includes straws, coffee stirrers, cotton buds, and other single-use items that use plastic in their design. The ban will take effect on January 1, 2020.

  • Winter in Paris is all about the Christmas lights and department stores' whimsical window displays.

    December Events in Paris: David Lebovitz, Permaculture, Christmas Markets & More

    As winter settles into Paris and the weather gets cold, it’s hard to find motivation to get out of your cozy apartment. Luckily this month brings with it several weekly events to add to commit to your calendar and motivate you to get out of the house.