In this installment of our Best of Gluten-Free in Paris series, we provide a guide to grocery stores that stock high-quality gluten-free items. Here are a few places we suggest checking out to stock up on gluten-free foods in the City of Light. 


Naturalia is a large chain of organic grocery stores (owned by Monoprix) that jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon early with freshly baked breads and an extensive stock of gluten-free items including crackers, cereal, pasta, and cookies. You will find a similar selection of bio, gluten-free items at citywide organic grocery store chains such as Bio C’ Bon and Biocoop.

A basket of figs and grapes on a wooden table next to a chopping board of mushrooms (left) and jars of foodstuffs bought at a gluten-free store (right).
Top: Naturalia / Taylor Kiser Above: Naturalia

Bien L’Epicerie

Bien l’Epicerie is an independent organic grocery store with two locations in Paris. In addition to a wide selection of gluten-free items, you will also find an impressive bulk food section, beautiful seasonal vegetables, and even aromatherapy and beauty products.

A slice of gluten-free marble cake (left). A sketch of the exterior of one of Bien's gluten-free stores (right).
La Maison du Sans Gluten / Bien L’Epicerie

La Maison du Sans Gluten

La Maison du Sans Gluten is an entire store stocked with gluten-free products including breads, cakes, pasta, flour, and cereal. The shop even has your apéro covered with a selection of vegan cheeses and gluten-free crackers to go with!

A plate of colorful gluten-free fresh salads and eggs on a wooden table
Brooke Lark


Naturalia, various locations

Bien L’Epicerie, 20 rue Saint Gilles 75003 Paris, 8 rue des Quatre Fils 75003 Paris, and 12 rue Lagrange 75005 Paris

La Maison du Sans Gluten, 12 rue d’Hauteville 75010 Paris

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Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling is a France based writer and author of My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes. In 2005 Emily moved to Paris from her native California and began exploring the cities markets, restaurants, and cafés. In 2010 she founded the blog Paris Paysanne, where she writes about her favorite addresses and artisans in the city. Emily currently lives in the Loir-et-Cher region of France, where she writes and works in the grapevines.


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