In this installment of our Best of Gluten Free in Paris series, we satisfy your sweet tooth with a selection of sugary sweet gluten free spots. A trip to Paris without indulging in a pastry, tarte, or gateau, is hardly a trip to Paris. But for those with diets that don’t necessarily allow for all that flaky crust it can be hard to find a place to get your sweet treat fix. 

Colorful gluten-free ice cream in Paris from GROM.
Top: Yummy and guilt-free. Above: Grom

Luckily, Paris has a growing number of options for those who want to skip the gluten but keep their sweets. Here are a few of our favorite places to pop in for dessert or an afternoon snack: 

The window at gluten-free VG patisserie in Paris (left). Gluten-free fig tarts from Sitron in Paris (right).
VG Pâtisserie / Sitron

Sitron serves up pastry goodness with all the bells and whistles- chocolate ganache, whipped cream, pâte feuilletéé– we love when it comes to eating dessert in France. Foucade Paris makes gluten free spins on classic French desserts, including a zesty tarte au citron and selection of beautiful éclairs.

The baker at Foucade, gluten-free bakery in Paris (left) and its window with cakes displayed (right).
Foucade Paris

Onyriza is another gluten free pastry shop focusing on classic French desserts. In January you won’t want to miss their Galette des Rois. Vegans should take note of VG Pâtisserie, which is 100% vegan as well as gluten free. 

VG patisserie, a gluten-free bakery in Paris, gives out fabric bread bags (left) and offers delicious gluten-free cinnamon swirls (right).
VG Pâtisserie

Yummy & Guiltfree specializes in sweet waffles covered in melted chocolate- what’s not to love?

Yummy and Guiltfree, a gluten-free waffle shop in Paris, has a designer counter with a neon sign.
Yummy and Guiltfree

In the summer months, head to Grom, a gelato shop where the cones and cookies are all gluten free. 

Buy gluten-free ice cream in Paris this summer at GROM, which serves generous portions of ice cream in cones (left) as well as chocolate spreads in pots to take home (right).

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One of the bakers at Sitron holding three tars out on a Paris street (left). Gluten-free crispy chocolate-sauce waffles at Paris' Yummy and Guiltfree (right).
Sitron / Yummy & Guiltfree


Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling is a France based writer and author of My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes. In 2005 Emily moved to Paris from her native California and began exploring the cities markets, restaurants, and cafés. In 2010 she founded the blog Paris Paysanne, where she writes about her favorite addresses and artisans in the city. Emily currently lives in the Loir-et-Cher region of France, where she writes and works in the grapevines.

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