A quintessential Paris experience is spending time in its coffee shops, sipping a café au lait and people watching from a terrace. In this installment of our Gluten-Free in Paris series we share with you a few spots where you are sure to find a delicious gluten-free pâtisserie to go with your coffee.

A cup of coffee on the counter of the Belleville Brûlerie coffee roasters in Paris set by a bunch of yellow dried mimosa in a vase (left). Two cups of coffee at the Belleville Brûlerie gluten-free coffee shop in Paris, set on a brown marble counter (right).
Belleville Brûlerie

The craft coffee movement has been steadily picking up speed since the Paris-based roasters like CoutumeBelleville Brûlerie, and Café Lomi set up shop in the city. Cafes that serve specialty coffee can generally be trusted for their attention to detail with everything else they serve.

A cappuccino in a white cup and saucer on a tiled counter next to sugar-sprinkled brioche at Coutume gluten-free coffee shop in Paris.

However, not all coffee shops are gluten-free friendly, so here’s a list of places where you are sure to find a gluten-free goodie to go with your caffeine fix. 

Inside Paris gluten-free coffee shop Lomi and its exposed brick walls and distressed wooden chairs.
Café Lomi – Gonçalo Silva Photography

Wild & The Moon, now has six locations in Paris, serving up cold-pressed juices and plant-based dishes for a more holistic clean-eating experience. All coffee drinks are available in vegan form and the latte list (chai, golden, rose, charcoal…) is so exhaustive you’ll want to keep coming back until you’ve tried them all!

The window of Wild and the Moon gluten-free coffee shop in Paris with its black paneling and plants in the window and bikes parked outside.
Wild & The Moon

Gluten-free options abound on a menu that ranges from avocado toast made with gluten-free bread, a variety of super bowls comprised of kelp, kale, and quinoa, and pick-me-up bars that pack in all kinds of natural protein sources for a perfect midday snack. Here you’ll even find gluten-free beer for an early evening apéro.

Inside gluten-free coffee shop Wild and the Moon in Paris, with its hanging plant baskets and timber tables and chairs.
Wild & The Moon

JUDY refers to itself as a “cantine qualitarienne,” meaning that even if its menu is entirely meat-, gluten-, lactose-, and sugar-free, the focus here is above all on quality. Homemade, locally sourced, organic ingredients go into JUDY’s juices, plant-based dishes, wholesome desserts, and craft-roasted coffee.

A drawing of fresh-pressed juices at Judy's juice bar in Paris (left). Gluten-free juice bar Judy is one of our favorites in Paris for their bottled fresh-pressed fruit juices like these three on a marble table with a plant in the background (right).

While not all Paris cafes are completely gluten-free, many of them are sensitive to customers who don’t do gluOb-La-Di serves a gluten-free granola and a small selection of other gluten-free baked goods, for example. 

Ob-La-Di coffee shop in Paris is the place to go for gluten-free cakes like this delicious rose and pistachio iced cake (left) and chocolate 'Snicker' muffins (right).

Some of our other favorite gluten-free coffee shops in Paris include Le Cairn Coffee Shop and Bob’s Bake Shop

A fruity herbal tea being served from a glass carafe into a white cup on a wood counter at Paris gluten-free coffee shop Lomi.
Café Lomi

If you’re hungry for more than gluten free baked goods, check out our previous post on the best gluten-free lunch spots in Paris. Watch this space for more gluten-free goodness with our next post in the series, Gluten-Free for the Sweet Tooth. 

Coutume – 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007.

Belleville Brûlerie – 14 Rue Lally-Tollendal, 75019.

Café Lomi – 3 ter Rue Marcadet, 75018.

Wild & The Moon – 55 Rue Charlot, 75003 and other Paris locations

JUDY – 18 Rue de Fleurus, 75006.

Ob-La-Di – 54 Rue de Saintonge, 75003.

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Someone serving coffee into a glass cup on a tiled counter at gluten-free Paris coffee shop Coutume (left). Inside gluten-free Paris coffee shop Coutume with people enjoying breakfast (right).

Written by Emily Dilling for HiP Paris. Looking to travel? Check out Haven In for a fabulous vacation, or long term, rental in Paris, Italy, France or elsewhere in Europe.

The bar at gluten-free Paris coffee shop Lomi with the coffee machine and cups.
Café Lomi – Adrien Lorieux


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