When preparing for your journey to the City of Light, don’t confine yourself to the limitations of everyday navigation tools like Google Maps or a conventional Paris tourist map. While they may be good maps, you can elevate your journey with these interesting and thoughtful maps of Paris that go beyond mere street directions. 

Whether you’re navigating the extensive metro lines, wandering the banks of the Seine or seeking out art museums and galleries, our curated selection of maps provides practical city coverage. Let these Paris city maps be your eyes in discovering the enchanting tapestry of the capital of France, ensuring that you don’t miss the hidden gems that make the city truly extraordinary.

Tourists in Paris looking at the map in front of Pigalle metro station
Romain Passelande

For Paris TransPortAtion: Bonjour RATP, the ApP

Discover the epitome of efficiency with the iconic Paris metro stations, your go-to transport in the City of Light. The Bonjour RATP app elevates your travel experience by clearly mapping the metro system and displaying city streets. Everything from metro insights to route planning, ticket details, and even information about train stations and both Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airport is now conveniently nestled in the palm of your hand. 

For savvy travelers who are mindful of their data usage, the app introduces a lifesaving feature. Even with data roaming switched off, the map of Paris continues to showcase your precise location. This ensures you can navigate the charming streets of Paris seamlessly, especially in unforeseen emergencies when you are without an internet connection. 

The RATP Paris metro going on top of the Pont Bir Hakeim with a view of Paris buildings in the background
Louis Paulin

For those eager to check off top attractions like the Seine river, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Musée D’Orsay, Place de la Concorde and more, the RATP offers the Next Stop Paris app. This dedicated tool provides in-depth information about the city’s main landmarks and offers hassle-free navigation. Purchase the Paris Visite Metro travel pass directly from the app to streamline your experience and compliment the map of Paris monuments. Both apps adapt to your current location, providing precise directions for your metro journey and on-foot explorations. Embrace the convenience and simplicity of these apps as your Parisian adventure unfolds. 

For AFfordable CoffeE: Map of € 1 Espressos in Paris

The map of € 1 espressos in Paris is a convenient guide for coffee enthusiasts seeking affordable yet delightful espresso experiences throughout the city. This handy Paris map was created by the city council 10 years ago and recently had a revamp. It put out a call on Tik Tok, Facebook and instagram for followers to share establishments still offering one euro coffees.

Whether you prefer hidden gems in quaint narrow streets of the left bank or lively spots on the right bank in well-known neighborhoods, the map presents a selection of places that promise an authentic Parisian coffee adventure without breaking the bank. Explore Paris’s diverse coffee culture with this map, ensuring a caffeinated treat alongside a unique exploration of Paris’s vibrant districts. 

To help you navigate the somewhat-confusing café menu, here’s HiP’s handy guide to how to order coffee in France.

A cafe chair in Paris with a view of a window that shows that opens to buildings in Paris
Pronoti Baglary

TimeOut Shortlist Paris

Time Out Shortlist Paris features a comprehensive events calendar and guides travelers directly to popular venues, spanning shopping nightlife, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The suggested itineraries are a complete guide, encompassing the best places in Paris for local dining and specially crafted walks along picturesque streets that trace the footsteps of literary icons. 

Michelin 62: Paris par Arrondissement

Despite the convenience of digital maps, there’s a sentimental and nostalgic charm to using old maps. The Michelin 62 map book provides an in-depth exploration of all 20 arrondissements of Paris. The detailed maps account for every street and alley. The book also includes a Metro map and additional information on buses, airports, and markets. With all the essential details about Paris at your fingertips, it serves as a practical guide and doubles as a wonderful keepsake for your memories afterwards. 

A tourist in Paris looking at a booklet with information on Paris travel

Paris Map For Art Lovers

The Artwise Paris map is a sophisticated guide catering to art enthusiasts, offering a curated journey through the city’s rich artistic landscape. Beyond the conventional tourist path, it unveils renowned museums, galleries, and hidden artistic gems, providing a comprehensive exploration of Paris’s vibrant art scene. Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or a first-time visitor, this map serves as a valuable and concise companion, connecting you to both iconic landmarks, like the Centre Pompidou, and lesser-known creative spaces, ensuring an enriching experience of Parisian culture.

For those wanting a free overview of the smaller galleries and larger museums without the bells and whistles, the Paris Gallery Map is the perfect accompaniment as you crawl the city.

For more, refer to this delightful book on art hiding in plain sight in Paris.

A courtyard inside the Louvre with a view of the glass roof
Tanya Pro

To Quench Your Thirst: map of WATER FOUNTAINS in Paris

During Parisian summer heat, as the excitement of the Olympics looms, the Map of Water Fountains, Eau de Paris becomes your invaluable ally. Just like many bustling cities, Paris can get quite heated, making it crucial to pinpoint hydration stations. This map is your go-to resource, guiding you to all the water fountains across the city. Whether you’re exploring iconic landmarks or wandering through hidden gems, stay refreshed and beat the heat with ease.

To Beat The Heat: cool islands in Paris

When the warmer months approach, make a note of hydration oasis in Paris with a map of cool islands in Paris, called Ilots de fraicheur à Paris. These will ensure you’re well-prepared to stay cool and energized during your Parisian adventure. The list of cool places in the map include air-conditioned libraries, museums, swimming pools and water sprays.

If you want to beat the Paris heat at a hotel with a pool, check HiP’s list to best hotels in Paris with a pool.

Boats stationed on the banks of the Seine on a warm summer day in Paris
Remi Bertogliati

WheN You Have to Go: Public Toilets

Nothing stirs more panic than the desperate search for a restroom in the midst of sightseeing. Alleviate the stress by keeping a map of Paris’ public toilets at your fingertips. Rest assured, there’s always one in proximity, and the best part – they‘re free (unlike other public restrooms in European cities) and accessible to those with disabilities. We’ve put together this simple guide here to help you navigate the waters of les toilettes Parisiennes.

Paris Green Spaces Map

Enjoy the outdoors with this map of green spaces in Paris. The tried and tested like Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Boulogne, Tuileries Gardens, and the Jardin des Plantes (botanical gardens) are there. But you’ll also find lesser known gems like Parc Kellerman and Jardin Villemin for respite from the hustle and bustle of the City of Light.

For LGBTIQA+ Travelers

Travel Gay has put together a helpful free online map of gay friendly establishments in Paris including hotels, bars, shopping, dance clubs and more.

Paris, je t’aime has compiled a very helpful guide to gay and lesbian Paris that is also free and available online.

And lastly but certainly not least, Hello Paris, Experience the City Like a Parisian is the indispensable guide book from everyone’s favorite content creator Hello French. Featured are more than 125 of the best recs in town according to a native Parisian including LGBTQIA+ friendly spots.

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