Food Society Paris is a vibrant and contemporary indoor food market in Les Ateliers Gaîté shopping center. Located in the heart of Montparnasse in the 14th arrondissement, the food court is housed in a spacious, industrial-style building. It’s filled with natural light, colorful murals, and a variety of seating options from communal tables to more intimate tables for two.

Left: The interior of Food Society Paris, with different stalls and silver ceiling pipes. Right: the logo of Food Society in purple, pink, and yellow.
Top and above: Inside Food Society by Slurp

Food Society offers a range of gourmet food stalls (including desserts), beer, wine, cocktails and coffee. It also serves as a co-working space and event venue. Regularly playing host to drag shows, live music performances, and stand-up comedy gigs, it’s a bustling hub for foodies, music lovers, and creatives alike. And if you’re looking for a unique venue for your own event, the space can even be hired out by individuals too. In total, there are 15 food stalls to choose from in Food Society. In fact, the whole venue spans an impressive 3,500m2. Not sure what to order? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the market’s best food and stand out spots.

My Tannour

If you’re craving Middle Eastern cuisine, head straight to My Tannour. This punchy Syrian street food stall serves up authentic and flavorful menu items, including kebabs, falafels, and hummus. The portions are generous, and the prices won’t break the bank. Our go-to? The smoky aubergine caviar plate, served with home-baked flatbread, silky hummus, and crunchy slaw. Order the grilled halloumi tray with garlic cream sauce alongside it and thank us later.  

Left: A bowl with 4 falafels and a white dip. Right: a bowl of middle eastern food with colorful salad, pita bread, chicken, and a white garlic dip in the center.
Dishes from My Tannour at Food Society


If you did not have a chance to catch Top Chef finalist Adrien Cachot during his stint at the restaurant Le Perchoir Ménilmontant, Food Society gives you the chance to sample his culinary offerings. Monobar offers a range of Spanish-inspired tapas dishes (ideal for sharing). It’s one of Food Society’s most sophisticated spots. The menu items are adventurous, and each dish is presented beautifully. Real highlights include the squid croquetas, salted anchovies with butter, and grilled pig ears. Monobar also boasts a small but exquisite selection of vegetarian dishes (not least their piquant patatas bravas). 

Left: A bowl with 3 fried croquetas on a bed of salad leaves. Right: An assortment of several tapas dishes.
Tapas from Monobar at Food Society


Another Top Chef alum makes his mark at Food Society. If you’re a fan of the ever creative Michelin starred chef Mory Sacko, you won’t want to miss Mojo. Here, the award winning chef celebrates all things poultry. The standout of the focused menu is the Mafé pressed leg – a Senegalese dish of grilled chicken and peanuts. For the adventurous there are marinated duck hearts on the menu. If you’re more in the mood for comfort food, try the quail prepared like a Sunday roast. 

Left: A plate of meat, cooked in an orange colored sauce and garnished with peanuts. Right: A plate of sweet potatoes, sprinkled with salt and herbs.
Mafé Chicken and Sweet Potato from Mojo at Food Society

Louie Louie 

For a taste of Italy, make your way over to Louie Louie. The popular restaurant in the 11th arrondissement has opened a cozy food stall (wood-fired pizza oven and all) in Food Society. This is the place for classic and hearty dishes, from homemade pizzas to freshly made tiramisu. The dining experience around this stall is lively and fun – helped by the friendly waiters — making it a great spot for a date night or dinner with friends. We recommend kicking off your Italian foray with their pistachio, burrata and mortadella salad, following it up with the spicy honey pizza (prepared with Spinata ricotta, honey, and chilli). Enjoy it all with a glass of the house red. Buon appetito

The Parmiagiana and 4-Cheese Pizzas from Louis Louis

Comptoir Coréen

The menu at Comptoir Coréen may be small, but it’s perfectly formed. Specializing in all things Korean, each plate is bursting with flavors and textures. The bibimbap is the most popular dish. It’s not difficult to see why. Colorful, vibrant, and most importantly, packed full of flavor, the bibimbap is prepared with marinated beef and and a mixture of crunchy and sautéed vegetables (all seasoned to perfection). If this doesn’t take your fancy, you can’t go wrong with their fried chicken, which comes served with a velvety rich caramel sauce and is adorned with plenty of fresh spring onion. Though filling, all the food here is light and fresh, making it a great option for anyone looking for a light bite.  

Left: A korean dish of bibimbap with egg on top. Right: A plate of dumplings and its sauce dip in the middle.
Bibimbap and Dumplings from Comptoir Coréen at Food Society

Perhaps the best thing about Food Society is its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It doesn’t try too hard and the staff are always on hand to offer recommendations.  The lively energy makes it feel more like a community hub rather than a formal restaurant. In a city filled with rigid fine dining rules and dining rooms, this feels like a breath of fresh air.  Whether you’re looking for a place for quick lunches, somewhere to work and socialize, a themed brunch, or even a Karaoke night, Food Society fits the bill. 


Food Society Paris – 68 avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris

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