Anyone who has moved to Paris – whether short term or permanently can tell you that finding a place to live is no small feat. Visitors looking for temporary accommodation have to contend with strict rental laws, restrictions from homeowner’s associations, high cost of accommodation in Paris and more. With the rise of remote working, short to medium term rentals are more in demand than ever. If you’re scratching your head wondering how to find temporary accommodation in the City of Light, look no further. Our fabulous intern Reagan O’Brien has searched high and low in Paris in her own quest for a place to live during her time as a student and in the summer months after her course finishes. She shares the fruits of her search to save you the pain. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered on your search for temporary accommodation in Paris.

Top: A view of Paris' iconic facades and buildings from a rooftop view at sunset.
Above: Left: Looking up from street view, this photo shows Paris's beautiful building facades in the daylight. There are silver clouds in the sky and green leaves on the trees, conveying the warm environment of summer and fall. Right; A woman that is blurred, wearing blue jeans and a tan cardigan, sits on a radiator in front of a window overlooking Paris, reading a book.
Top: Patrick le Mouill Patrick le Mouill
Above: Lisa BR / @lapresqueparisienne

Best for:

  • stays of up to 90 Days
  • all types of accommodation – budget to luxury
  • those in search of apartments, villas, rooms in shared accommodation, and hotel rooms may just be one of the best short term rental sites, with tons of information about neighborhoods, amenities and the accommodation type you choose. In addition to hotel rooms, they now offer entire homes, apartments and villas for rent for up to 90 days. If you are unfamiliar with Paris there is info on notable landmarks and destinations nearby, including transit times and the closest public transportation to help you get your bearings.

A view of one of Paris's many streets, mostly empty with the exception of a few people walking in the sidewalks. There are no cars in the street, just a quiet street on a bright day with green trees in the background to the right.
Clément Dellandrea

Plum Guide

Best for:

  • luxury short term rentals

For those looking for some of the best short term rentals in Paris, Plum Guide is a human-sourced guide that ensures a unique experience in each location. With an award system similar to the Michelin star or the New York Times Bestseller List, vacation home rentals have the Plum Award. All rentals are vetted by their experts, ensuring a high standard. Their in-house care team is available 24/7 to ensure your stay is no less than exceptional.

Left: A woman leans over a railing of her Parisian balcony, sitting at a wooden slatted table with her phone and some papers in front of her. She holds a cup of coffee close to her face and leans against the railing, looking down into the street below. Right: A view of the iconic Montmartre staircases, looking up towards the façade of the building to the right and the grey sky above.
Kinga Howard / Florian Olivo

Sabbatical Homes

Best for:

  • anyone looking for or offering temporary accommodation
  • great for scholars, students, artists, writers, and those looking for a retreat

If you are a student or academic looking for a short-term stay nearby a university or a house exchange with like-minded people, check out the Airbnb of the academic world: Sabbatical Homes. While you do not have to be an academic to use the service, this is excellent for visiting professors, students, scholars, writers, artists, or those looking for a retreat location, a time-off-travel stay, or a relocation home. Bear in mind the site does not vet members or visit the homes on offer, so do your due diligence. Members of the HIP team have personally had a good experience with the service but as always, check references, the member’s trust scores, etc.


Best for:

  • pet lovers
  • those who are flexible with dates
  • laid-back travelers

House-sitting is a great way to find free or cheap temporary accommodation in Paris and other popular destinations. Sites like Trusted Housesitters and Nomador are perfect for an authentic Paris experience on a budget. Often times, owners are looking for people to pet sit so this is great if you are up for making furry friends. This option is most suitable for those who are flexible as the dates set by the homeowner are usually inflexible.

Left: A woman in a tan trench coat and black boots walks past a teal, blue-green Parisian door numbered 102 on a bright day. Right: Three friends walk together in Place Dauphine on a late autumn, early winter day with slightly cloudy blue skies and bright sun.
@ruemargaux / @sofiinparis


Best for:

  • the adventurous
  • those looking for cheap temporary accommodation
  • laid-back travelers

Another great option for solo travelers is Couchsurfing, a platform that connects locals to a global community of travelers. It is a great way to make friends while traveling and have an authentic experience without the expense of staying in a hostel or a hotel room. To get started, you can create a profile and search for couches in the city (or cities!) you want to visit. This search will connect you to people who have couches available, as well as those who are not currently available to rent but are known as local resources. In addition, events are hosted weekly, which is another great way to meet other travelers and hosts in the area.


Best for:

  • stays of 1-24 months
  • Studapart can be used by all, though landlords may specify if they only welcome students

Studapart offers over 100,000 housing options in 42 French cities including Paris. It serves as the accommodation service of more than 150 French schools and universities. Studapart recognizes that the number of students in France is growing while the number of affordable rentals is diminishing, which is why they offer many different types of accommodation depending on what best suits you. This way, you can meet other students within your residences and keep your budget in mind while still enjoying your time as a student in France.

The best news though is that it is opened to all – not just students. The team will also guide you in the process of renting from beginning to end, helping you find a new home if things don’t go smoothly. There is a range of options including monthly furnished rentals in Paris and throughout France, longer term options, flat shares, and entire apartments available.

Left: Three friends stroll across Pont Neuf in Paris, the sun shining as they walk under the shade of a green tree and street lamp in the city. Right: An older couple look down into the Seine river of Paris as they take a break from their stroll near Notre Dame in the summertime.

Homestay In Paris

Best for:

  • students who don’t know anyone in the city
  • those looking to practice their French language skills at home
  • those looking to experience French culture firsthand

Homestays are great options, especially for students who will not know anyone in the city upon arrival. A host family will ensure you are cared for and adjust well to your new environment. Homestay in Paris is a great option to connect with potential families. They offer short and long-term stays, depending on your situation. Best of all, there is no better way to practice your language skills than by living with a native family.

The majority of host families live in the center of Paris. Rates include utilities and wifi and start at 26 euros per night for a private room.

Halls of Residence

Best for:

  • students
  • researchers
  • top-level athletes
  • artists
  • passing guests with academic or cultural links to Paris

Some halls of residence in Paris offer short term stays to visitors. One of the most well known is Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. Though primarily aimed at students and top-level athletes enrolled in a French higher education institution, they also offer housing to researchers and artists who are not studying. Additionally, if one of the above does not describe you, there are a limited number of spaces for passing guests who can justify an academic or cultural link to one of their buildings, though in these cases, the stay cannot last more than one month.

Another famous hall of residence is the Cité des Arts, with locations in the Marais and Montmartre. Cité des Arts is geared specifically towards artists and musicians. It aims to provide an environment conducive to creation and cultural exchange. There are studios, an auditorium, a gallery, practice rooms and more. Stays are for two months – one year.

A faded view of Parisian facades of the buildings from the top floor of an apartment somewhere in Paris.
Skylar McKissack

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Written by Reagan O’Brien. Looking to travel? Check out Plum Guide and our Marketplace for fabulous vacation rentals in Paris, France or Italy. Looking to rent long or short term, or buy in France? Ask us! We can connect you to our trusted providers for amazing service and rates or click here. Looking to bring France home to you or to learn online or in person? Check out our marketplace shop and experiences.


Reagan O’Brien

Reagan is from Washington, D.C. where she is studying International Relations and Linguistics. She is always looking for a good picture and for the next destination. Outside of writing, she loves all things creative like knit and crochet, photography, music, thrifting and upcycling, and wandering through museums.

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