The food is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any trip to France. And likewise, it is also one of the highlights of any trip to Galeries Lafayette’s iconic Paris Haussmann location. During the warmer months you can catch star chef Julien Sebbag at Créatures the best views and vegetarian food in the City. In the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet building you’ll find artisanal French products, traiteurs, specialist producers and the finest fresh ingredients artfully displayed as only the French do, never fails to impress. There’s also a food court with sit-down restaurants, on the upper floor, featuring some of the most talented chefs in the city. At Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet, you can sample fare from iconic Michelin starred chefs and talent from around the world, in a casual and affordable setting.

Left: food displayed at Label Broche; Right: plates of food at Rice Street
Left: Label Broche; Right: Rice Street, courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

Decorated in a style reminiscent of France’s Iconic brasseries, the emporium offers a range of experiences from around the world. This includes French, Mediterranean, Latin American, Asian, street food and vegan food from renowned chefs.

Despite its traditional stylings, Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet is a reflection of what modern France is and should be: diverse, complex and accessible to all. We’ve done a round-up of restaurants to try at Les Nouvelle Table du Gourmet for a culinary diversion on your next trip to the iconic store.

The interiors of Yora by José Arias at Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet
Yora by José Arias

The Crossing by Jitin Joshi

Indian food seems to be all the rage in Paris these days, though the pickings are still slim compared to the City of Light’s neighbor across the Channel. But Paris is catching up, with the likes of Jitin Joshi setting up shop in the French capital. Renowned for the ever-popular Michelin starred Gymkhana in London, Joshi has now opened The Crossing, Indian Bistro – the second outpost of his Dubai address.

The interiors of the restaurant The Crossing by Jitin Joshi at Galeries Lafayette
The Crossing by Jitin Joshi, courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

The restaurant is an ode to the many cultures and specialties of India. Here you’ll find favorite family style dishes, lesser-known traditional recipes as well as iconic dishes transformed. The food veers towards the less spicy side but the dishes are expertly prepared.

On our recent visit stand-outs included a hearty butter chicken – tender chicken pieces in a smooth, buttery, subtly spiced tomato-based sauce is everything you want in this comfort classic. The sea bass in the fish curry was delicately prepared, demonstrating the skill of the kitchen in a dish that all too often can end up overcooked. And we can’t forget to mention the cheese naan – made fresh to order in their tandoor, it holds its own in the land of exceptional bread. And the best part: the welcoming service. Just what you need after a long day shopping amongst the crowds.

Plates of Indian food served at The Crossing by Jitin Joshi
The Crossing by Jitin Joshi

Label Broche by David Gallienne

David Gallienne is known to French audiences as winner of 2020’s Top Chef. He earned his stripes at Le Jardin des Plumes in Giverny where he gained a Michelin star. Label Broche, his first Paris address is a typical French rotisserie and is all about comfort classics with the produce coming from Normandy. Celeriac remoulade, lentil salad, ham hock, roast chicken and homemade soup are the type of fare you’ll find on the menu.

Mosugo by Mory Sacko

Mory Sacko needs no introduction. The Michelin starred chef recently graced the pages of Time magazine and is an icon of Paris’s modern culinary scene. During lockdown in 2020 he had the brilliant to put together a takeout menu inspired by street food. Parisians now had the chance to try his outstanding fried chicken – in a burger or on its own. The Lafayette Gourmet location has a natural décor made of blonde wood. It is reflective of the food in certain ways: simple and relaxed.

Left: the exteriors of restaurant Mosugo by Mory Sacko. Right: fried chicken and other foods on display at Mosugo restaurant by Mory Sacko
Mosugo by Mory Sacko, courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

This is street food the French way. Despite the exotic ingredients like harissa, and miso the flavors are clean and subtle, complimenting the wholesome ingredients. Choose from fried chicken served on its own or in a bun, served with a side of grilled sucrine (gem lettuce), sweet potato fries or roasted cajun spiced potatoes. There are good veggie options too and a couple of desserts to round things out.

Bagnard by Yoni Saada

Founded in 2014 by Top Chef Yoni Saada and his wife Alexandra, Bagnard became the go-to spot for the pan bagnat – Nice’s famous sandwich. This outpost includes an interesting take on Mediterranean classics: praline hummus, tuna-tartare with truffle and harissa, a pan bagnat with shwarma- style chicken as the filling and an ice cream sundae perfumed with the flavors of pistachio and orange blossom caramel sauce along with classics like fried halloumi, and Tunisian brik made with tuna potatoes, onion, parsley harissa and eggs.

Plates of food displayed at Bagnard by Yoni Saada at Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet at Galeries Lafayette
Bagnard by Yoni Saada, courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

Yora by José Arias

Featuring fish and meat-centric Peruvian sandwiches along with classics like ceviche and tiradito (sashimi-style raw fish, fusing Latin American and Japanese cuisine), Yora takes customers on a journey to Peru. Widely considered one of the best culinary destinations in the world, chef José Arias first introduced Peruvian cuisine to Parisians at his acclaimed restaurant Villa Mikuna in the 9th. Yora has a colorful décor inspired by Peruvian traditions. They also serve detox drinks like passion fruit juice and chicha morada ‘the cocktail of the Incas’, overseen by Christoph Pluvinage, the Franco-Peruvian Pisco expert.

Food served at Yora restaurant by José Arias Galeries Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet
Yora by José Arias, courtesy of Galeries Lafayette

Rice Street by Quan Bai

If you’re looking for a break from indulging in rich French cuisine, this is the place to come. Following the success of Panasia, the Parisian restaurant dedicated to Asian cuisine, Quan Bai explores Japanese street food at Rice Street. Reminiscent of an Asian night market, they serve gyoza, karaage (Japanese fried chicken), California rolls and a variety of sushi. For mains, chirashi, donburi, noodles (including ramen) and yakitori are on offer. Quench your thirst with teas, sake and more.

left: the exteriors of Rice Street by Quan Bai at Les Nouvelles Tables du Gourmet by Galeries Lafayette, Right: bubble tea stand at Rice Street by Quan Bai
Rice Street by Quan Bai

Duclot, Le Bar de la Cave

3500 wines, spirits and champagnes are on offer here. Classic French regions, as well as up and coming selections from around France and the world can be found. There is also whisky, cognac and gin with a particular focus on French brands like Bellevoye and L’Acrobate. Charcuterie from Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec along with caviar, tarama and fish rillettes from Petrossian make this a wonderful place to unwind after a long day of shopping or a hard day at work.

Left: wine and champagne on display at Duclot Le Bar de la Cave, Right: the interiors of Duclot
Duclot, Le Bar de la Cave

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