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  • Exploring Île de la Cité

    Île de la Cité is a tiny island in the historical center of Paris with many secret corners worth exploring.

  • Cooking with my French Husband: French Kitchen Secrets

    Right from the outset of our relationship, cooking has been my husband’s love language. The first dish he ever cooked for me was  coq au vin (chicken braised in wine) over the small stove of an Airbnb in Nice. Not only was it one of the best meals I’d ever had, it also laid the blueprints of our future stay-at-home dates, with him cooking and me eating.

  • left: a long table set for many people to dine. there is blue and white cutlery and napkins, along with wine glasses. one the background, we can see trees. right: stuffed tomatoes on a baking dish

    Classic French Dishes from my Mother-In-Law’s Kitchen

    Along with the million and one things to worry about while moving countries, I also faced the intimidating prospect of meeting my (then future) French mother-in-law, Maria.Luckily, all my consternations were for naught. Turns out, we were a match made in heaven: I love to eat and she loves to feed. Here I am sharing some of my favorite dishes of  hers, and some of the memories that make them so special.

  • Learning French on TikTok

    When beginning life from scratch in a new country, or simply attempting to learn a new language, a sense of humor goes a long way. Even more so when the city in question is Paris, and the language happens to be French. And every now and then, when I need to feel validated about the confusion and quandary of learning the French language, I just go on Tiktok —really!

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