Whether you’re looking for a fun way to brush up on your French language skills, or are simply trying to find your Francophile fix, there is no better way to spend an evening than curling up with an episode (or binge) of your favorite French shows. We’ve rounded up our top picks of must-see French comedy and drama, available to stream in the United States on our favorite French streaming service France Channel.

11 French TV Series to Watch Now

Blame it On Rousseau

High school teacher Benjamin Rousseau uses philosphy to inspire his students. Each episode sees him helping a student explore a philosophical theme to help solve their life problems. However his own personal life is a mess and his attempts to solve his problems don’t get very far.

French high school students from the series Blame it on Rousseau.
Blame it on Rousseau

Tomorrow is Ours

When two boats collide in the Bay of Sete, there is a violent explosion, turning the lives of the families involved inside out. This suspense filled soap opera is set in the scenic, sunny South of France

Where it All Begins

Gracing your screens with fresh installments every Thursday, Where it All Begins  pulls back the curtain on the prestigious Auguste Armand Institute. It is here where aspiring chefs like Maxime Delcourt sharpen their knives and skills, all aiming for the glittering prize of a Michelin star.

The Churchmen

Unveiling the spiritual voyage of five young men, step into the Capuchin seminary in Paris with The Churchmen. Season one delves into the sacrifices and revelations encountered on the path to Catholic priesthood.

Joséphine Guardian Angel

Bringing lightness to the lineup is Joséphine Guardian Angel, a comedy-drama. The heavenly main character Joséphine Delamarre, with a wink and a nudge from above, intervenes in the bad news that characterizes earthly troubles, crafting miracles with a blend of charm and enchantment.

The cast of Josephine Guardian Angel at a wedding in France.
Joséphine Guardian Angel

Three Times Manon Manon, 20 years

Critically acclaimed, Three times Manon and the latest series, its sequel Manon, 20 Years are included the New York Times‘ “30 BEST INTERNATIONAL TV SHOWS OF THE DECADE”. Witness Manon’s turbulent journey from a troubled 15-year-old to a fiery 20-year-old mechanic grappling with life’s injustices with undying spirit.


Camille Cottin’s Arrogant promises barrels of laughs with its hidden camera hijinks. Before gaining international acclaim in recent years, Cottin was a beloved figure in France with this series, portraying the outrageous antics of a Parisian woman embodying every stereotype with audacious flair.


Delve into the high-stakes world of fine dining with Chefs, featuring Clovis Cornillac and Hugo Becker. A convict-turned-culinarian finds redemption and a dash of intrigue in the kitchen of a gourmet restaurant.

left: a scene from the French series Chefs with the main character in front of a cathedral; right: the courtyard of the Louvre Museum with a view of the glass pyramid.
Hugo Becker in Chefs

Maison Close

Maison Close starring a talented ensemble cast, transports viewers to a luxurious 19th-century Parisian brothel. The series artfully combines sensuality with a commentary on desire, power, and the quest for independence within the opulent walls of “Le Paradis.”


Dive into family and crime drama with Tandem, spanning four seasons. Follow commander Lea Soler and Captain Paul Marchal, her unruly ex-husband, as they untangle murder mysteries while juggling their roles as co-parents.

Tandem, Episode 1- Free Screening + a 30-day free trial

Synopsis:  Commander Lea Soler is transferred to the brigade of Captain Paul Marchal, her ex-husband. Lea is experienced in investigating murders, and Paul is a brilliant policeman as well, the only thing is that he is absolutely non-controllable. They are also forced to deal with each other after work because the tandem has two teenagers to manage, Alice and Thomas. Somehow they have to get along well to do their job and to balance their relations with the kids in one of the most suspenseful tv shows.

About France Channel Streaming

France Channel is a French streaming platform dedicated to all things French. It’s ok if your French is still a work in progress. The good news is the programs are subtitled in English. France Channel is one of the top French movie streaming platforms with an extensive library of feature films. It also has a wide variety of shows and French content including series and documentaries about travel, food, fashion, history, art, news, culture, French lifestyle and more. Some films have English subtitles and French as well. This helps French learners improve their language comprehension while listening to native French speakers. France Channel’s programing includes:

France Channel TV: French Films & TV Series Online

  • comedy, action, romance, action-packed thrillers, new releases, box office hits and drama series
  • French movies and TV shows starring actors like Catherine Deneuve, Academy Award winner Jean DujardinVincent Cassel (Black Swan, Oceans’ 12), James Bond girl Léa Seydoux, and rising stars of French cinema like Camille Cottin (Killing Eve, House of Gucci), Pio Marmaï and François Civil (The Three Musketeers), Laure Calamy (Call My Agent) and many more.
Left: The French actress Camille Cottin stars in a show called Connasse, dressed up as a demanding Parisian in leopard coat and red lipstick; Right: The sunsets gives this Parisian Haussmannian building a glow in its zinc rooftop.

Above left: Camille Contin in Connasse / Above right: photo by Louis Paulin

Watch Shows About French Culture & Lifestyle  

  • shows about travel, food & wine, fashion, luxury, art, history & culture 
  • flagship series include Beautiful Getaways, Chefs SignatureSecrets of History, and many little gems like Becoming Chanel and The Paris Opera. 
  • Cartoons and family movies: animated series like ZorroLittle Brown Bear and The War of the Buttons.

Educational Content – Language Learning

French students can make major improvements in their language learning journey, listening to native speakers with French subtitles in the “Learn French” section. 

Live news with France 24 

international news channel, in English and French


How much does France Channel cost?

 $7.99 USD/month or $79.99 USD annual fee.

Where can I watch France Channel?

Amazon Prime Video Channels, ROKU Channels, the AppleTV box and Android TV.

Is there a France Channel app?

Yes, the France Channel mobile app is available on both the IOS and Android app stores.

French actress Laetitia Casta is in water, perhaps swimming, in this show called Une île.
Laetitia Casta in Une Île


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