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French Chic: Decoding the Secrets of Paris Fashion

by Darlene Lim
Written By

Darlene Lim

Darlene Lim is an award-winning short filmmaker who gave up her post of Communications Specialist at one of Canada’s largest media companies to embark on a one-year working holiday in Paris in 2010. It didn’t take long, however, for her to fall in love with the city and decide that one year in Paris wasn’t nearly long enough… She is now a print and video editorial project manager for a French fashion tech company and enjoys writing about everything from the best baguette in Paris to what it’s like to travel overnight on an unheated chicken bus to Uyuni, Bolivia, in the dead of winter (true story). View Darlene Lim's Website

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7 comments on “French Chic: Decoding the Secrets of Paris Fashion

Actually, in the cover image it is an Italian, Giorgia Tordini, she is a famous designer for the ‘Attico’ mark originally from the region of le Marche. Un bacione da Roma !

This is an interesting argument – could also explain why Parisiennes refuse to wear bras ? If it makes you feel better, as an Australian living in Paris who is flat as a board, I still can’t really full off the Parisian fashion even if it fits me… that “je ne sais quoi” – gets you every time ?


That’s me too! When I was in Paris last year, I so wanted to splurge on some expensive French lingerie at Sabbia Rosa, but I was too embarrassed to even go in: I knew that one look at my 34DDDs would have the Parisiennes “tit”tering.

Thanks, Nora! I was the opposite when I arrived–Canadian on top and Parisian on the bottom… but with all the baguettes and apéros over the years, my mid-section has expanded to make me round all over. Oops.

“…only wear fashion that makes you look great.” Yes! Great article, Darlene. My figure is more Parisienne on top and Americaine/Canadienne on the bottom 😉

WendyG, I know, right? Sometimes I feel like an oompa loompa in this city. 😉 I, too, have learned to embrace the scarf, though I still struggle to drape it as artfully as my French girlfriends do. I think they must have some kind of class on scarf tying in junior high that we don’t get.

I really think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

I myself am built like a little Russian baboushka. I stick out like a sore thumb in Paris. But at least in the past few years, I’ve discovered the wonders of the artfully draped scarf, though even scarves have to be draped in a way that suits the wearer. Not all draping suits everyone.

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