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  • HiP Paris Blog checks out citizenM hotel

    Business Travel Made Easy at CitizenM Hotel La Défense

    Business folk (and savvy tourists looking for cheaper room rates) often choose to stay at La Défense for its convenient proximity to the multitude of French multinationals based there. It’s these travelers that Dutch hotel group citizenM (short for “Mobile Citizen of the World”) is hoping to attract with its first Paris hotel.

  • HiP Paris Blog seeks out the best tsukemen in Paris

    Desperately Seeking Tsukemen: Where to Find Paris’ Best Japanese Noodles

    Tsukemen differs from traditional ramen dishes in that the noodles don’t come in a soup. Instead, they’re served separately, and you use chopsticks to dunk them into a reduced broth or sauce, before slurping them up with delicate finesse.

  • French Chic is all about decoding the Secrets of Paris Fashion, like this Parisian woman who's teamed a well-cut skirt and top with a sleek square handbag and gold statement necklace.

    French Chic: Decoding the Secrets of Paris Fashion

    When I first moved to Paris, I secretly hoped that living in the city would give me the inside intel I needed to master the art of looking carefully disheveled. Like Audrey Hepburn in “Sabrina”, I, too, wanted to be magically transformed into an irresistible, doe-eyed creature draped in elegant scarves and sporting sexy topknots, as I flitted gracefully down the Champs-Elysées. How could I go wrong?

  • Les French Desmoiselles: Ethical Fashion Made in France

    Les French Demoiselles, brainchild of young Marseillaise designer, Fanny Grosbois, is designed for “urban dreamers.” With an aesthetic that embodies the femininity and elegant simplicity, the styles are timelessly French.

  • HiP Paris Blog, L'Instant Parisien, Chronicles of Parisian Lives

    L’Instant Parisien: Chronicling the Eclectic Lives of Real Parisians

    I’m sitting in the recently restored dining room of the Hotel Pigalle in Paris, waiting to meet Laurence Guilloud and Fabrice Le Dantec, founders of the new magazine, L’Instant Parisien. I sip my café crème and try to look cool but I’m secretly a little nervous at the prospect of interviewing two people who have built a career out of, well, interviewing people.

  • Demain, The Film by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

    Demain: Hope, World Change & How We Can All Make a Difference

    “People are tired of hearing about what’s going wrong in the world. Everything is going wrong. Telling people over and over again doesn’t get you anywhere. So we decided to try something different instead.” Demain did not disappoint. The movie takes its audience on a two-hour journey across the globe to visit (extra)ordinary men and women who are working to bring about positive change.

  • Adjusting to 'Madame' in Paris

    The M Word: From Mademoiselle to Madame in France

    The first time it happened, it caught me off-guard. I paused for a microsecond, then shook it off as an isolated incident and continued on with my day. A few weeks later, though, it happened again… and then again… until one day, it just became the norm. I am talking, of course, about that two-syllable word that is an inevitable rite of passage for every young woman living in France. “Madame.”

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