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Autumn is here, and as someone who lives in a small Parisian apartment with not nearly enough closet space, that means its time to pack away all of my summer dresses and sandals, and pull out all my winter woolies, coats, and boots. While it is sad to see the end of summer, I’m always excited for autumn fashion. No longer are you restrained by the heat; you now have the freedom to layer it up. And there are just so many options! Here are our picks of the best French fashion for fall.

Left: A female model with short black hair wears winter scarf and sweater in contrasting animal prints.
Right: A female with long black hair models a black trench coat with a purple handbag draped across her diagonally.
Top: Rouje. Above: A.P.C.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is a classic autumn staple in Parisian wardrobes. It’s perfect for those mild days when it’s not quite warm enough to go without a coat, yet not quite cool enough to warrant something heavier. A.P.C. does a lovely trench, such as their Greta model in beige or navy, or their Josephine model in khaki.

Right: a model's backside dressed in light blue jeans and a peach sweater.
Left: a woman with long brown hair sits along the Seine in front of a lamppost dressed in blue jeans, a ruffled cream coloured shirt, and a small black hand bag on her shoulder.


Parisians love a good pair of jeans, and autumn is the time to bring them back out. Rouje does some gorgeous vintage-inspired styles named after neighborhoods in Paris, such as jean Marais, jean Opera, and jean Concorde. A.P.C. also does great denim. Pair them with one of Rouje’s knit cardigans, which brings me to my next point…

Left: a Model with curly black hair wears khaki trousers and a v neck dark sweater.
Right: The same model has a black sweater on with an animal print collar, and is photographed closed up.


Autumn is cardigan weather. I love the super cute ones from Musier, a brand by influencer Anne-Laure Mais. Musier works with local manufacturers, and most of their models are made in their Parisian workshops, using natural fibers—think silk, cotton, viscose— from the best European weavers. Each season, Musier adds new suppliers closer to Paris in order to limit their carbon footprint, aiming for 100% French production.

Right: A model with medium length blond hair wear a floral print sweater and blue jeans.
Left: A pair of beige sneakers.
Rouje / ZESPÀ


For day wear, throw on your favorite pair of sneakers. ZESPÀ is a French footwear brand based in Aix-en-Provence. Their sneakers have a luxe feel, featuring full grain Italian nappa and calf leathers, premium-quality gum soles that are sewn at the sides, and 100% cotton laces. They are handmade in Portugal. I also love Veja and Pairs in Paris.

Left: a pair of beige boots. 
Right: Assorted accessories including small purses and boots.
Amélie Pichard

Ankle Boots

At night, swap the sneakers for the perfect ankle boot. Amélie Pichard is a Parisian designer who creates quirky shoes and accessories. She shot to fame for her collaboration with Pamela Anderson back in 2014. Her 70s-inspired Nancy ankle boot comes in imitation crocodile leather in black or beige, imitation python leather in coffee, or imitation tortoise shell leather. Her boots are made by hand in Portugal.

Left: a woman lounging on her office chair
Right: two women facing each other with colourful scarves draped around their heads.
Musier / Inouïtoosh


Scarves are a must-have accessory in a Parisian wardrobe, and Inouïtoosh ticks all the boxes. The French brand is based in the coastal town of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. Consequently, many of their scarves feature whimsical nature motifs. They’re designed in France and made in India using high-quality materials and a traditional weaving process. Most of their scarves are wool, but some also include cashmere and silk. ÉPICE also makes lovely scarves.

Left: A model stands against a purple background with an animal print scarf opened up in her hands
Right: A model pictured in profile with a scarf tied around her head in a bohemian style.

Face Masks

Last but not least, I can’t forget face masks. Get a fashionable one from Nach, Soi Paris, Heimstone, or Helena Denize.

A montage of different small handbags and boots.
Amélie Pichard

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  1. I love my Inouïtoosh scarf! Glad to see you included these in your Fall Fashion article. I purchased mine at a cute little store, Arty Dandy, in Furstemberg Square.

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