Before relocating to Paris from Vancouver, Canada, last year, I made sure to follow a few select influencers to help me prep my wardrobe beforehand. Several months on, I feel like I finally have a grasp on what goes into that coveted French aesthetic. So, check out my list of top ten Parisian fashion influencers for your next shopping trip or to help you get packed for your Paris vacation – you’ll learn lots before even setting foot in the city.

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Sabina Socol.
Top image: Jeanne Damas by Adam Katz Sinding. Above images: Sabina Socol.

1. Sabina Socol @sabinasocol

The founder of the popular blog Ask a French Girl, Sabina Socol is poised to take over the world this year. For instance, her modeling career and concurrent brand deals are on the up. Get her look and grab a pair of well-fitting, high-rise jeans styled with a delicate vintage blouse and a square-toed heel. It’s actually this simple but quintessentially Parisian style that’s helped her rack up gigs with major brands like Mango, H&M, and Louis Vuitton.

2. Jeanne Damas @jeannedamas

French Instagram fashion influencer Jeanne Damas, sitting at a Parisian café with a glass of wine in the sun (left). Jeanne Damas at the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris, wearing flared frayed jeans and a Jane Birkin style basket as a handbag (right).
Jeanne Damas

Perhaps the definition of the Parisian it-girl, Jeanne Damas rules the online style scene in France. The founder of the uber-popular label Rouje Paris, a vintage-inspired clothes line, she’s also created a collection of stunning lipsticks. With Rouje, Jeanne’s aim is to demystify Parisian chic by creating products that everyone can take home.

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Jeanne Damas.
Jeanne Damas

3. Anne-Laure Mais Moreau @adenorah

Anne-Laure Mais Moreau, known as ‘Adenorah’ on Instagram, is the founder and creative director of Musier Paris. A fashion label run by a group of model-good-looking French girls, or “muses,” as they prefer to call themselves, the Musier lookbook is all about vintage-tinged staples like silk slip dresses, elegant evening blouses, and essential high-rise denim.

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Mais Moreau.
Anne-Laure Mais Moreau

4. Valentina Bezuhanova @valentina_bezuhanova

The co-founder of accessories brand BY FAR, Valentina Bezuhanova is another French business babe on our radar. A cult fashion brand that owes its success to social media – something the creators are very candid about – the signature style is all about 90s cool, most prominent in the eponymous shoe collection, chock-full of  strappy sandals and kitten heel slippers in cool colors and fabrics like lime green and velvet.

Margot Rousseau, fashion editor at Glamour magazine in Paris, taking a picture of Emma Ratajkowski (left). Paris Instagram fashion influencer Lucie Mahé holding a brown handbag posing in a Paris street (right).
Margot Rousseau / Lucie Mahé

5. Lucie Mahé @lucie.rose.mahe

If you’ve ever doubted the power of a great blazer, Lucie Mahé will convert you. The founder of the popular vintage e-shop @gavrochevintage, Mahé is a master at breathing new life into vintage pieces. If you were wondering where all the parisiennes get their vintage cardigans and sultry slip dresses, well, it’s at Lucie Mahé’s. Scroll through her Instagram profile for that boost of motivation you’ll need to start combing through your local thrift store for next weekend’s look.

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Lucie Mahé.
Lucie Mahé

6. Julia Jean-Baptiste @juliajeanbaptiste

Instagram French fashion influencer Julia Jean-Baptiste, wearing a striped white and navy top with jeans (left) and seen here, wearing a striped max dress, carrying a basket of tomatoes (right).
Julia Jean-Baptiste

Singer and fashionista Julia Jean-Baptiste has no limits when it comes to personal style. Her looks range from California-skater-girl to French-Riviera-ready. Her Instagram profile showcases her collection of men’s trench coats, mini-dresses, and vintage gems which she styles with expert flair. (If you need me, I’ll be playing dress-up in my closet).

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Julia Jean-Baptiste.
Julia Jean-Baptiste

7. Annabelle Belmondo @anabelle.belmondo

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Annabelle Belmondo.
Annabelle Belmondo

If you’re having a bad hair day then stay away from model Annabelle Belmondo’s socials. Granddaughter of the famed actor, she certainly inherited the movie-star good looks. Her style makes elegant use of traditionally masculine silhouettes while still giving off that Parisian feminine and cool mystique.

French Instagram fashion influencer Annabelle Belmondo, sitting in an artist atelier in Paris (left). Mexican fashion influencer Denni Elias in Paris (right).
Annabelle Belmondo / Denni Elias

8. Denni Elias @dennielias

If you need a break from vintage Levi’s and milkmaid blouses, Denni Elias has the antidote. The Paris-based founder of Club Sirena effortlessly blends Los Angeles-casual basics with ultra-glam designer pieces. And she’s not afraid of a little—or a lot—of glitter.

A selection of images of Mexican Instagram fashion influencer Denni Elias.
Denni Elias

9. Margot Rousseau @itsmargotrousseau

As the Fashion Editor of Glamour Paris, when it comes to French-girl style, Margot Rousseau knows what’s up. Her Instagram profile features backstage coverage of Paris Fashion Week and a curated selection of editorial looks from the magazine. It’s well worth a follow.

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Margot Rousseau.
Margot Rousseau

10. Hanna Lhoumeau @hannalhoumeau

A selection of images of French Instagram fashion influencer Hanna Lhoumeau.
Hanna Lhoumeau

If you’re hoping to turn up your wardrobe’s cool factor, take a style cue from French model Hanna Lhoumeau. In all seriousness, I would pay good money for this woman to take me shopping and show me where she finds her matching separates, party tops, and series of dresses. For now, all we can do is follow her on Instagram and hope she drops some clues in her next post.

French fashion influencer Hanna Lhoumeau wearing an all denim look in Paris (left). Mexican fashion influencer Denni Elias holding a red leather handbag in Paris (right).
Hanna Lhoumeau / Denni Elias

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