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With the holidays around the corner, here is our special list of safe, clean, and often organic French beauty brands in Paris. The ideal gift for those you love! – Erica

Enfance is one of our favorite French beauty brands for its organic, family-friendly, made-in-France products.

Beauty fans love a good cult French pharmacy product. But some of these favorites still include potentially harmful ingredients according to the watchdog Environmental Working Group. Good news: There are lovely French beauty brands creating safe and natural cosmetics. You just have to know where to look.

The facade of Oh My Cream! French beauty brand store in Paris and all over France (left). Inside our favorite store for natural, clean, and often organic beauty products all made in France (left).

The boutique Oh My Cream! is leading the way. With six stores in Paris and four in other French cities, they are dedicated to providing customers with clean and effective beauty products. At the shop, you can also get facials, waxes, or manicures. The retailer maintains a list of ingredients they would never use, and carefully checks the formulations of the products they sell.

Oh My Cream! French beauty brand store interiors (left). French hair colorist Christophe Robin's beauty products top our list as they are natural and smell great, like this bottle of soft 'Shampooing délicat' (right).

“Women don’t trust pharmacies because there is a lack of transparency,” Oh My Cream!’s communications director, Fleur Bazin, shared. “When a woman is buying a cosmetic product, she now needs to understand the formula,” she continued. Fleur noted that thanks to blogs and beauty articles, Parisian women are more informed. Since Oh My Cream! opened, they’ve noticed a growing demand for clean beauty products in France.

A model wearing arty Ellis Faas make up brand that is free from dangerous chemicals, available to buy at Oh My Cream! French beauty brand store in Paris.

“Clean” beauty is a global trend because women are starting to understand that “dirty” chemicals may cause reproductive issues, allergies, or even cancer. It’s especially important to be mindful of the products you put on your body when you’re pregnant. But have no fear: There are plenty of appealing options. Fleur contends that the best French brands have unquestionable formulas, but also inspiring packaging — you’re not going to get some crunchy granola beauty products here. These brands are still dedicated to making a cosmetic purchase a pleasure purchase.

I recently stopped by the original Oh My Cream! shop at 3 rue Tournon, right by the Luxembourg Garden, to get some insight into the best clean French beauty products. Here’s what we discovered:

Famed French hair colorist Christophe Robin's products don't contain harmful parabens, silicone, or SLS, and his shampoos, conditioners, and styling products protect hair color really well.

Christophe Robin

Colorist Christophe Robin is credited for giving Catherine Deneuve her iconic blond locks. He also has a line of hair products for people who don’t happen to be French film icons. Made without harmful parabens, silicone, or SLS, his shampoos, conditioners, and styling products protect color. Ingredients like wheat germ oil and lavender also provide natural nourishment.

Enfance is a made-in-France organic beauty brand of products for children that mums can use too, available to buy at Oh My Cream! store in Paris (left). Profile of young girl and bottles of Enfance natural shampoos (right).

Enfance Paris

These organic, family-friendly products are made in France. The brand makes gentle soaps and shampoos for children, but there’s no reason maman can’t use them, too.

French beauty brand store in Paris, Oh My Cream! stocks organic Enfance products made with natural ingredients like zesty orange for the whole family.

Ellis Faas

While technically Dutch, makeup artist Ellis Faas studied in Paris, where she still does much of her work. After collaborating with some of the most prestigious mainstream makeup brands and fashion magazines, Faas started her own line of high-end makeup that is free from dangerous chemicals. The “skin veil” liquid foundation creates a second skin, and she has a range of lip products that provide various textures and colors.

Models wearing arty Ellis Faas French makeup brand, available to buy at French beauty brand store in Paris Oh My Cream!

Hervé Herau

This 100-percent-natural skincare line includes high concentrations of active, plant-derived ingredients. La Pommade Corps will save dry skin during the winter, while the Cream Gel Skin Care fights darks spots using brown algae.

Natural made-in-France skincare from brand Esthederm are some of our favorite beauty buys in Paris.


Originally focused on sun products, this skincare brand has broadened its range to include other items that help combat aging. Biologist Jean-Noël Thorel founded Institut Esthederm in 1978, and it’s been making products that protect the skin ever since.

Le Bon French toothpaste made from plants is free from triclosan, a potentially toxic ingredient, available to buy at French beauty brand store in Paris, Oh My Cream!


Lebon’s packaging is so pretty it’s hard to believe there’s toothpaste inside. But it’s true, and it’s free from triclosan, a potentially toxic ingredient found in most mainstream toothpastes.

Natural, made-in-France oils and creams by Patyka are also available at French beauty brand store in Paris, Oh My Cream!


In 1922, a Hungarian pharmacist came to Paris to create the formula for an absolute oil that you can still buy today. The line also includes luxurious creams and serums.

Les Huilettes moisturizing oils are some of our favorite French beauty products and are available at beauty brand store in Paris, Oh My Cream!

les huilettes

Also created by a pharmacist, les huilettes blends essential and vegetable oils to create cleansing and moisturizing formulas. You’ll feel like putting on a white pharmacist coat before using the potions inside the beautiful green glass bottles.

Pop into Oh My Cream! for clean, natural made-in-France beauty products like non-toxic Kure nail polish.

Kure Bazaar

Finding a beautiful, nontoxic nail polish is tough. Kure Bazar pulls it off by using pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes, and corn to create an 85-percent-natural formula in trend-setting colors.

For clean, natural and often organic French beauty skincare and haircare, pop into Oh My Cream! store in Paris.

Oh My Cream!

While you can find various clean beauty brands at Oh My Cream!, the shop also carries its own line. The range is centered around these steps: double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and treatment oil.

With these products, you can jump on the clean beauty trend, with a French Parisian twist.

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