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  • The Best French Beauty, Skincare, and Haircare Products Parisian Women Swear By

    What’s all the French-beauty fuss about anyway? Beyond the elusive allure of all things French, the products tend to have fewer problematic ingredients since the EU regulates cosmetics more than the U.S. FDA. After checking in with savvy locals, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of their picks and mine.

  • Citypharma: Where to Buy French Beauty Products for Less

    While Paris has its share of boutique beauty shops, sometimes you have to trade the lovely shopping experience for a good deal. That’s where City Pharma comes in. The discount parapharmacy is located in the Saint-Germain neighborhood and is popular with international travelers and locals alike.

  • Pop into Oh My Cream! store for natural, organic, clean made-in-France beauty products in Paris.

    Best French Clean Beauty Products

    Beauty fans love a good cult French pharmacy product. But some of these favorites still include potentially harmful ingredients. There are lovely French beauty brands creating safe and natural cosmetics. “Clean” beauty is a global trend because women are starting to understand that “dirty” chemicals may cause reproductive issues, allergies, or even cancer. I recently stopped by the original Oh My Cream! shop to get some insight into the best clean French beauty products. Here’s what we discovered:

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