Paris’ Best Cocktail Bars Now

by Alessia Armenise
The interior of a bar in Paris called "Little Red Door." There are two high chairs covered in blue fabric at the bar and there are several bottles on several shelfs against a wall made of stone behind the bar.
Top: Liquorium / Above: Little Red Door

We might not be able to go to a Parisian cocktail bar right now, but we can always prepare a plan of attack for when life will eventually go back to normal.

Left: a street in Paris. In the mirror of a motorcycle, the words "Lulu White Drinking Club" are visible. The surrounding street is out of focus and cars' break lights are visible. Right: a shelf filled with liquor bottles in a bar.
Lulu White

Paris is known to be the city of food, but there is no better place to drink the night away than the French capital. Speakeasies, chic cocktail bars, or fun burlesque nights—whatever tickles your fantasy, Paris has it.

Left: the interior of the bar in Paris "Lavomatic." There are colorful cushions and pillows on several benches. There are large stools made to look like a Brillo Pad box. Right: A woman wearing a red dress and sandals sitting inside a washing machine with a cocktail in her hand. She is smiling but not looking at the camera.


Would you have ever thought that the coolest place to be in Paris would be in a laundromat? And yet, The Lavomatic has done just that. This speakeasy like no other boasts a ground floor that looks like a normal laundromat with washing machines and soaps. But on the first floor, a cocktail bar is in full swing. 

Left: the entrance to the bar in Paris "Lavomatic." I looks like a laundromat, but there is a bright blue neon sign to the right that says "Lavomatic." There are two washing machines visible. Right: The interior of "Lavomatic." There are several benches with yellow cushions and other colorful pillows. There is also an indoor swing.

Lulu White

In the heart of Montmartre, Lulu White is a place for drinking, dancing, listening to live music, and all-around being happy. If you are searching for a place to lose yourself in Paris after the pandemic, write Lulu’s name down. 

Left: The exterior of the bar in Paris called "Lulu White." The building is teal colored and thee are several tables and chairs outside. There is a woman standing against the building. Right: The interior of "Lulu White." There is a table with a menu and two drinks on it with someone's hand reaching for a drink. The menu is lit up but the rest of the image is dark.
Lulu White


Rum fan? Look no further than Mabel, where you will be able to find 196 varieties of the precious spirit. Guided by their bartenders, you and your tastebuds can embark on a trip from South America to the West Indies, one sip at a time.  

Sister Midnight

Burlesque, drag queens, and cabaret shows—Sister Midnight is a must-visit when in Paris. Even the pandemic couldn’t stop the fun at this cocktail bar in Pigalle. They have transformed the bar into a to-go cocktail and craft beer joint, letting clients get their fill without breaking the rules. 

Le Carmen

An old brothel converted to a cool and exclusive bar and club, Le Carmen is the place you go when you want to go “out out.” Original features like enormous mirrors and crystal chandeliers have been kept and give the bar a special atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else. 


Left: a cocktail at the bar in Paris called "Liquorium." The drink is pink with white foam on top and a few pomegranate seeds on top. There are glass containers with blue decorations inside them behind the drink. Right: The interior of "Liquorium." There are pink flowers hanging from the sealing and a large green staircase. There are several tables and chairs.

A mix between an herbalist and a cabinet of curiosities, this very-cozy cocktail bar is the perfect place for a relaxed evening spent sipping cocktails and chatting. The Hocus Pocus is a must-try, but you can ask the barman for a tailored cocktail (or cure, as they like to call it).


Left: the exterior of the bar in Paris called "Bisou." There is a pink awning with "Bisou." written in dark green. There are flowers and greenery on the façade of the building and there are several tables and chairs with people sitting at them. Right: An orange drink in a glass on a white marble table at "Bisou."

Bisou is not your usual cocktail bar. They don’t have a menu—every night, the bartenders talk to the guests about their tastes and create bespoke cocktails for them, using only local and seasonal ingredients. The added bonus? Bisou is zero waste and plastic free. 

Left: the interior of "Bisou." It is bright and there are flowers throughout. A bar with several stools is visible to the left and tables and other stools are to the left. Right: Behind the bar at "Bisou." There are several bottles of alcohol as well as polaroid pictures.

Little Red Door

Left: two bartenders at the bar in Paris called "Little Red Door." They both have face masks on and are holding bottles of wine up. The wall behind them is blue and white striped. Right: A cream colored cocktail with a sprig of greenery in it on a white table. The background is dark blue.
Little Red Door

Listed in The Worlds 50 Best Bars for seven years, Little Red Door is a cool, cozy bar in the heart of the Marais. The decor is well curated, the atmosphere relaxed, and the drinks delicious. It’s definitely a must-visit for cocktail lovers when in the city.

Left: a drink at the bar in Paris called "Little Red Door." The drink is red and there are several ice cubes in it as well as three blueberries on a toothpick resting on top of it. Right: plates of food at "Little Red Door.3 There is a meat dish, a bowl of tzatziki, a cut up baguette, and two drinks.
Little Red Door

Les Justes 

Doing a good deed while you’re drinking and enjoying yourself is possible at Les Justes. Some of their fairly priced cocktails are connected to charities, which means that for every glass you drink, some of your money will go to helping others. 


A cocktail bar hidden in an Indian restaurant, Baranaan is a mix of incredible drinks and delicious street food. Everything is curated down to the smallest detail—the bar is made to look like a train and the menus are passports.

Left: the interior of a bar in Paris called "Baranaan." There are several tables and chairs and the walls are painted bright blue. Right: a bright yellow drink from "Baranaan." A small blue passport can be seen in the right corner of the image.

The concept was inspired by the legend of the prohibition train that (allegedly) left Mumbai every evening at 6 pm during the Bombay Prohibition Act to take the passengers to a neighbouring country to enjoy a good old cocktail.  

Left: interior of a bar in Paris called "Baranaan." There are several shelves filled with bottles of alcohol behind a long white bar. Right: Two drinks from "Baranaan." There is a large light pink colored and a smaller one with white foam at the top.

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the entrance to the bar in Paris "Lavomatic." I looks like a laundromat, but there is a bright blue neon sign to the right that says "Lavomatic." There are two washing machines visible. Right: The exterior of "Lavomatic." It is a Parisian stone building and the sign is blue and neon.

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