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  • Where to Eat Traditional French Food in Paris

    From Michelin-starred treats to simple and delicious food, we’ve selected the best places to try traditional French cuisine in Paris. 

  • A photo of 9 golden brown baked croissants

    It’s All About the Croissants: Where to Find the Best Croissants in Paris

    The enchanting fragrance of warm pastries early in the morning – nothing screams France more than this. Here are some of the best croissants in Paris.

  • The Best Bûches de Noël in Paris

    The bûche de Noël (the Christmas log) is a typical French dessert, eaten during the holidays. Here are our favourite bûches to buy in Paris this Christmas!

  • How to Order Coffee in Paris

    Have you ever ordered a coffee in Paris and found yourself stunned when it finally arrived at the table? You’re not alone. To help you navigate the somewhat-confusing café menu, we’ve prepared an easy guide to ordering coffee in France.

  • The Best French Salads to Make at Home

    The French definitely know how to enjoy every single meal, even when it comes to a quick salad. Here are a few that can easily be whipped up at home.

  • The Best Italian Food Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

    In a moment when we can’t travel anywhere, what is the best way to feel the Puglian sun on your skin, hear the hustle and bustle of a Napolitan market in your ears, and fill your senses with the smells and sounds of a forest in Trentino? Food, of course.

  • Left: 5 slices of Tarte Tatin placed on dishes and beautiful captured from above. Right: A photo of the french dessert Paris-Brest on a little wish dish.

    The Best French Desserts to Cook at Home

    We’ve selected five of the most inviting classic French dessert you can reproduce at home to taste a bit of France, wherever you are.

  • Left: A painting from the Regency Era of a family of 3 (a husband, a wife, and their child). Right: A painting of a woman drinking from her ceramic picture with an added caption saying 'Cheers!'

    The 10 Best Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

    Instagram has come to the rescue to show us there is still art being made in the world, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

  • The 10 Best French Foodie Instagram Accounts to Follow

    We might not be able to sit down and enjoy a meal at our favourite Parisian bistrot, but we can try to replicate a restaurant-like experience at home. To give you some inspiration, we selected our favorite French Instagram food accounts.

  • Left: A dining table shot with two glasses of red wine, a bottle of wine, a bowl with food, white tablecloth, a wooden chair with a brown hat hanging on it, and a hand lighting up 3 tall sticks of red orange candles. Right: A French stew dish called Pot-au-feu is pictured in an off-white bowl with rice and carrots.

    Dishes to Cook at Home to Feel Like You’re in France

    We have selected some of the most delicious and cozy French recipes to cook at home to feel just as if you were in your favorite Parisian restaurant.

  • Left: a woman mixing a cocktail at a wooden bar. She is wearing all black and is mixing the dark blue drink with a long and thin metal mixer. Right: the interior of "Liquorium" in Paris. There are two large wooden benches painted dark grren with additional seating around them. The walls are dark and lined with framed pieces of art. The wall in the back of the room is a green and blue scene with trees.

    Paris’ Best Cocktail Bars Now

    Paris is known to be the city of food, but there is no better place to drink the night away than the French capital. Speakeasies, chic cocktail bars, or fun burlesque nights—whatever tickles your fantasy, Paris has it.

  • Left: a Christmas scene in Paris. To the left of the image, pine branches are visible and in focus. In the background there are two large trees decorated with Christmas lights and an old fashioned lamp post visible. Right: A covered passageway in Paris. To the left of the image a woman in a hat and brown coat is visible with her bicycle parked next to her. The floor is covered in a tile mosaic and there are Christmas decorations throughout.

    Classic French Films to Watch Now

    There is nothing better than cozying up with loved ones (or solo!) in front of a classic film. To feed your cinema cravings and soothe your longing for France, we selected the best classic French films to watch during the holidays.

  • A Parisian skyline. There are several Parisian rooftops visible as well as the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. The sun is rising and there is a light pink glow cast across the city.

    The Best Books Set in Paris to Read Now

    To satisfy your Paris cravings, we selected 10 of our favorite books written about Paris, sure to transport you to the City of Light in a heartbeat.

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