The Best Italian Food Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

by Alessia Armenise
Left: A plate of pasta with meat and garnishes. Right: Chocolate eclairs presented on a charcoal plate.
Top: Francesco Pruneddu/ Above: Chiara Gavioli

In a moment when we can’t travel anywhere, what is the best way to feel the Puglian sun on your skin, hear the hustle and bustle of a Napolitan market in your ears, and fill your senses with the smells and sounds of a forest in Trentino? Food, of course. 

Left: A woman wearing a plaid skirt holding a chocolate cake on a white platter. Left: A peach pie.
Left: Csaba dalla Zorza, Right: Giorgia Eugenia Goggi

You might not have the skills of Chef Massimo Bottura, but you can definitely give Italian cooking a try. Italian food culture is so vast and varied from one region to another, you can easily recreate a specific regional atmosphere in your home just by cooking some delicious food. 

So get your apron ready. We list the best Italian food Instagram accounts to spice up your dinner time.

Csaba dalla Zorza

Csaba dalla Zorza is a food writer, etiquette expert, and Italian TV personality. If you are interested not only in food, but also in how to present it well, Csaba’s account is the one for you.

Left: Two bowls of minestrone soup. Right: A strawberry shortcake decorated with yellow daisies and strawberries.
Csaba dalla Zorza

Il Cucchiaio d’Argento

The Il Cucchiaio d’Argento magazine has been around since 1950, and is now a digital encyclopedia of all things Italian food and lifestyle.

Sonia Peronaci

Sonia Peronaci is famous for creating the most followed, trusted, and visited food website in Italy: GialloZafferano. After stepping down from her first venture, Sonia is now a chef and a digital entrepreneur, sharing her best recipes on Instagram.

Fatto in casa da Benedetta

Fatto in casa da Benedetta, or “Homemade by Benedettais,” is an account sharing heart-warming home cooking by chef Benedetta Rossi. If you are after cozy recipes that are easy to recreate, look no further. 

Left: A tall decorated chocolate cake, with icing sugar being sprinkled on top. Right: Two lemon tarts, each with one piece cut out and on separate plates.
Silvia Bifaro

Il Club delle Ricette

Get a constant stream of new recipes, directly on your phone. If you are always out of ideas for what to cook next, follow Il Club delle Ricette and you will never have that problem again.

The accounts above are a library of the classic Italian dishes that we all know and love, but there are a few Instagram feeds that take the tradition and bring it to the next level, mixing Italian tradition with Asian techniques or foreign ingredients.  Here are some of our favorites:

Silvia Bifaro

Silvia is an Italian food photographer based in London. Her account is filled with sweet treats, from tower-like chocolate cakes to perfectly crispy pastries.

Left: Various lemons and pastries scattered across a cutting board and counter top. Right: An iced cake on a cake stand and decorated with various flowers.
Silvia Bifaro

Giorgia Eugenia Goggi

Careful, this Instagram page could make you want to book a plane to Puglia. Head chef at Masseria Moroseta, Giorgia’s account is filled with Puglian sun, delicious-looking plates, and mesmerizing cooking videos.  

Left: Raw fish arranged on a plate with garnished. Right: A lemon and raspberry cake with one piece cut out.
Giorgia Eugenia Goggi

Cucina Botanica

Carlotta is bringing plant-based cooking to Italian tables. Her Instagram account is filled with delicious vegan recipes that champion Italian tradition while being kind to animals.

Left: Pasta with meat sauce in a plate. Right: Pastries fresh out of the oven.
Cucina Botanica

Francesco Pruneddu

A man in a sea of women, Francesco is a food photographer based in sunny Sardinia. His Instagram feed is romantic and nostalgic, and also filled with mouth-watering food.

Left: A table filled with plates of ravioli, flowers, glasses and bread. Right: A slice of cake resting on a plate.
Francesco Pruneddu

Chiara Gavioli

In her bio, Chiara says that life is too short to eat ugly food, and looking at her feed we understand what she means. Prepare to get hungry. 

Left: A stack of chocolate pancakes withe cranberries and chocolate sauce on top. Right: A salad with asparagus, grains and lemon.
Chiara Gavioli

Happy Skin Kitchen

Elisa is an Italian in London. After a career in fashion, she decided to leave it all behind to pursue her passion for plant-based food. Now, her successful Instagram page is filled with delicious recipes—mainly pasta-based!

Left: Pasta with white beans, tomatoes and basil. Right: Chocolate truffles.
Happy Skin Kitchen

A Gipsy in the Kitchen

A couple based in Milan, with a love of everything green and a boho lifestyle. For heart-warming recipes and content, head their way.

Left: A lasagna being sliced out of a contained and placed onto a plate. Right: A woman standing in her kitchen smiling down at her dogs.
A Gipsy in the Kitchen

Francesca Giovannini

Francesca Giovannini is a vegetarian chef and an eco-friendly shop owner. Her food is simple but inviting, perfect if you are trying to add some veggies into your everyday cooking.

Left: Spinach pastries on a cooling tray. Right: A cake being cut into.
Francesca Giovannini

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