Are you missing restaurants, their incredible food, the hustle and bustle of the city and the laughter of people enjoying a decadent meal en terrasse? We are too. We might not be able to sit down and enjoy a magret de canard, but we can try to replicate a restaurant-like experience at home. To give you some inspiration, we selected our favorite French Instagram food accounts. 

Note from HiP Paris: Below you will discover the tried and true and many modern recipes. You will also notice the French have embraced many American staples like brownies, cookies and pancakes! Let us know your thoughts on this and your favorite recipes below in the comments.

Left: Oysters and garnishes are pictured on a stone colored surface. Right: An orange soup, garnished with various seeds is pictured on top of a marble countertop.
Top: santinisarah
Above left: fraiseetbasilic / Above right: laguinguettedangele

Clémentine Vaccon

Clémentine’s well-curated feed would make anyone hungry. From decadent French toasts and gooey brownies to pizza, ramen, and French specialities like madeleines and quiches, the inspiration for your next meal is a click away.

Left: An orange colored quiche, with one piece sliced out is resting on top of parchment paper and a wooden countertop. Right: Four brownies are stacked on top of one another over a piece of parchment paper, with a sprinkle of salt on the top one.

Emilie Franzo

If you are looking for a feed that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds, look no further than Emilie Franzo. Her pictures will transport you to a cozy, rustic kitchen in the French countryside.

Left: A spread of food and beverages, including a large dutch baby pancake, apples, and wine being poured into glasses are pictured on top of a dark brown countertop. Right: Two pieces of toast are pictured on top of a wooden board. The toast is topped with ricotta cheese, strawberries, and fava beans.

Steph à table

Stephanie is a food blogger as well as a food photographer and stylist, and that shows on her Instagram feed. If you are after tasty recipes, pretty pictures, and tips on where to eat in Lyon, Stephanie is your woman.  

Left: A large chocolate brioche is resting on top of a wooden board. A person’s hand is pictured holding onto the side of the board. Right: A spread of food, including bread, charcuterie, and soup, is pictured on top of a table. A woman’s hand is shown, putting a garnish on top of the soup.

Free The Pickle

Two old friends—one a photographer, the other a passionate foodie—are behind the scenes of the blog and Instagram account Free The Pickle. Daniela and Natacha share homey, comforting vegetarian recipes that the whole family can easily replicate and enjoy.

Left: Three kiwi tarts are pictured, garnished with various nuts. Right: A slice of chocolate cake is pictured on a plate, with two forks next to it. The cake has a white and slightly pink icing on it, and a raspberry and rose as a garnish on top. In the background, two filled Champagne flutes, and the rest of the cake is pictured.

Meg and Cook

Another food photographer with a glorious feed and even better recipes, Megane’s pictures make us want to start cooking immediately. First on our list of recipes to try: pulled pork gua bao and prawn and coconut milk risotto. 

Left: An intact brioche is pictured on a plate. It’s topped with cream, chocolate, and icing sugar.  Right: A brioche has been broken open, with someone taking a spoonful of a chocolate spread to place inside.

Sandrine Saadi

Most say that Lyon is the French capital of food (don’t tell Parisians), and there are certainly a lot of foodies in the birthplace of quenelles. From oysters to fancy cheese platters and crêpes with caramel and salted butter, Sandrine’s feed will bring France to you.

Left: A spread of breakfast food, including plates of crepes with figs on top, various cookies, eggs, butter, and figs, are pictured on top fo a table. Right: Three slices of a yogurt cake are cut and placed on a wooden board. There is a spoon and a container that both hold orange jam.

Carnets Parisiens

A gorgeous feed by a Parisian blogger and photographer. Cyrielle started her work life as a psychologist before turning to food full time. On her account, you’ll find a lot of delicious-looking food, but also snippets of her life as a freelancer and mom in Paris.

Left: A chocolate syrup is being poured on top of a cake, resting in the middle of a table. Right: A tart with spinach, squash, and mushrooms has been sliced up and is resting on top of parchment paper. The knife is pictured next to the tart.

La Guinguette d’Angèle

One of the pioneers of gluten-free, healthy cooking in France, Angèle started her career with a little guinguette (a tiny restaurant that only offered takeaway) in central Paris, where she sold her delicious food to people on their lunch breaks. Two guinguettes and six books later, she is still teaching the French how to make healthy food taste delicious.  

Left: A woman stands in a kitchen, holding two young children. The children aren’t looking at the camera but the woman is, and she’s smiling. Right: Six bowls are pictured filled with yogurt, nuts, and a variety of garnishes.

Blog de Châtaigne

Another Instagram feed, another Lyonnaise. Céline is an architect turned food blogger. Her recipes are wholesome and delicious, perfect for finding daily inspiration for sweet treats and family dinners. 

Left: Two plates filled with meat, potatoes, and carrots are pictured on top of a wooden table. There is a smaller bowl with a sauce and a spoon within it. Right: A baking tray with Madelines is pictured.

Aurélie Bresset

Another mouth-watering feed by a food photographer and blogger, this time based in breezy Bretagne. On Aurélie’s feed, you will find the occasional savory picture, but her focus is firmly on desserts. If you are after decadent chocolate cookies or the most gorgeous looking pear and ginger cake, you should follow her.

Left: Chocolate chip cookies garnished with sesame seeds and salt are scattered across a piece of parchment paper on a dark grey table. Right: A pear and ginger cake is pictured on top of a table.

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Left: A stack of pancakes are pictured on a plate, topped with bananas. Someone is holding a jar in the background, pouring chocolate sauce on the pancakes. Right: A chocolate cake is pictured on a cooling tray, with the first few pieces cut up.


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