Cinemas, theaters, and music venues have been closed for most of the last year (and still are). Museums seem to be a distant memory, and the thought of visiting an art gallery fills us with both joy and melancholy. The pandemic might have robbed us of our most treasured activities, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t search for art in other places.   

Left: The picture is focused on 3 young girls from South Ossetia, Tskhinvali in Georgia with some adults clapping behind them. Right: A picture of a crowd of spectators, photographers and agents during a fashion show in Paris's fashion week.
Top: La Minute Culture – Marguerite Gérard, William Bouguereau
Above: Agence Vu@davidemonteleonestudio, @steeve_iuncker

Over the past several months, like never before, Instagram has come to the rescue. It has showed us there is still art being made in the world. What’s more, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. We’ve selected the 10 best art accounts to follow on Instagram, making sure you get your art fix.

Left: A drone shot of the Root Bench in Seoul Hangang Park, South Korea. Left: A girl in a colorful dress is matching the road with the yellow stripe on across her torso.
Fubiz@ylee2345, @jimmymarble


Both a creative agency and a media outlet, Fubiz is the place to go if you are after nice pictures to look at and news from the world of art and design. They even sell prints, in case you want to create your little gallery at home.

Left: Two immigrant kids in a ferry boat, on their way to visit the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Right: A hamer girl walks in front of the bulls dressed with the traditional calf-skin skirt in Ethiopia.
Agence Vu@gretapratt, @castro_prieto

Agence VU’

If photography is your thing, but you know Magnum Photos’ Instagram feed by heart at this point, Agence VU’ is the best account to keep your visual mind fed. You will find their poignant photographs from some of the most talented photographers in the business. Head on over to their website to find out more about your favorites.

Left: A photo of a woman riding a bike from the early 19th century in her post-victorian era outfit. Right: A painting of an unidentified exotic plant in different shades of green and pink.
Gallica BNF – Jules Beau, @gallicabnf

Gallica BnF

Do you miss libraries? If so, you will find Gallica BnF’s account to be quite right for you. From old children’s books illustrations to maps, manuscripts and crafts—there is enough here for you to enjoy your old hobbies and discover new passions.

Left: A painting of what appears to be the spiritual world with naked bodies floating in a blue sky of bats and demons. Right: A painting of an exhausted man, lying in his plate on a dinner table.
Daily Painting with Emil – Luis Ricardo Falero, Johan Barrios

Daily Painting with Emil

Emil is an art lover from Sweden who created a fervent community on Instagram. Every day, he shares a painting and starts a conversation about it with his followers. This is the perfect account if you miss talking about art with your friends.

La Minute Culture

If you are searching for a way to improve both your art knowledge and your French, look no further than La Minute Culture. Camille Jouneaux is a freelance art and culture writer. With irony and expertise, she presents the world’s art masters to her followers. Instructive and very funny.

Left: A recreation of the painting 'Birth of Venus' by Botticelli. Right: A painting of a woman combing her long red hair. She is wearing a white top and a blue skirt.
Dreamers of Decadence@thetogfather, Louis Anquentin

Dreamers of Decadence

Founded by French influencer Louise Ebel (better known in France as Pandora), Dreamers of Decadence is a selection of art curated by four art-lovers based around the world. The account is like a virtual book club, but for art.

Left: A painting of 3 women sharing a meal and their house chores. Right: A painting of 2 naked men confined during the first Covid-19 lockdown.
Art History Haggards – John Currin, Justin Liam O’Brien

Art History Haggards

A virtual collection of art curated by millennial art historians. A beautiful selection of contemporary art, virtual art studios, museum visits, and even art-related film recommendations. If you like contemporary art, you’ll love following them.

Left: A picture of a woman in black beside a brown horse. Right: A picture of a living space that is stylish and minimalist.
Ignant@martabevacqua, @seanfennessy


A magazine entirely focused on aesthetics, Ignant is the place to find photography, architecture, art, and design news that are all pleasing to the eye. And if you are a hotel snob, their travel section features some of the most incredible hotels from around the world.

Left: A painting of a woman, her cat, and different flowers. Right: A comic drawing of a student named Dmitri who is sleeping during what appears to be an online class.
Atelier Joann Sfar@laurensneel, @dragontshabalala

Atelier Joann Sfar

Atelier Joann Sfar is an account run by the students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, featuring their art and projects. If you are interested in discovering some rising stars of the French art scene, hit the follow button.

Left: A picture of a gallery with a painting of an African man in his tribal costume. Right: A photo of 2 men and a woman in what appears as a contemporary dance performance.
Art Forum@dragontshabalala, Camilla Greenwell

Art Forum

For the contemporary art nerds, there isn’t a better account than Art Forum. Interviews, virtual events and, of course, a lot of fantastic art—the account is the closest thing to a museum we can access right now.

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