We know that for most of us traveling to Paris isn’t an option right now. But, while you’re at home why not look for inspiration for future travel? We hope this list of five arty venues in Paris will inspire you and provide ideas of fabulous places to visit on your next trip. – HiP Paris

The front of a building with two sets of large verticle windows. The inside of the building is visible and there is art inside. There is a man and a child in front of the building
Top: Live jazz music at Poinçon / Above: La Fab. by agnès b.

Paris is one of those cities where there’s always a new opening, and this holds true for its art venues too. From a bar inside an abandoned train station that hosts exhibitions and live music performances, to a fashion tycoon’s accessible art foundation, here are five arty venues in Paris now.  

Left: a large circular room of classic design with a glass ceiling that is shining light onto a large mural. This is a view of the soon to open Bourse de Commerce, one of 5 arty venues in Paris to know right now. Right: A large circular room with white white and a colorful mural. There are several windows with blue glass.
Bourse de Commerce / Bourse de Commerce – highway


Among the noteworthy newcomers to join the Paris art scene is this culture hub. What was once Gare de Montrouge in the 14th arrondissement is now resurrected as Poinçon. The abandoned railway station has taken on a new life, hosting rotating concerts and exhibitions while boasting a permanent café, restaurant, and bar.

Left: A woman standing in front of a modern art painting with green, blue, orange, and yellow shapes. There is a mask on a stand in the right corner. Right: A plate of beef in a white sauce with potatoes and a green garnish. There is a fork and a knife to the right of the plate and a glass of wine in the right corner
La Fab. by agnès b. / Poinçon

La Fab. by agnès b.

The new venue of 1,400 m2 opened to much acclaim last February in the out-of-the-way 13th district. The gallery has started showing works from the French fashion designer’s extensive art collection (which counts no less than 3,000 pieces). The works will be on sale at accessible prices in order to promote the maxim ‘art for all’. 

A white room with three small photographs in frames on the front wall. There is a potted plant in the right corner of the room. Next to the plant, there is a brown patterned bench against the wall with another framed photograph above it.
La Fab. by agnès b. – Rebecca Fanuele


Enter Neo-Renaissance-style palace Hôtel Gaillard and immerse yourself in the fundamentals of economics at this museum, fittingly opened by the Banque de France. Set in the heart of Paris’s 17th arrondissement, Citéco’s permanent collection is composed of various thematic rooms, including exchanges, markets, regulations and treasuries.  

Left: a turret and three smaller roofs with windows coming out of the roof of a concrete building. Right: The façade of the same style building with red bricks, large windows, and a slate roof.
Citéco – Charlotte Toscan

Bourse de Commerce — Collection Pinault

François Pinault’s new museum, set in the 130-year-old Bourse de Commerce, just a stone’s throw from Les Halles, is designed by award-winning Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Set to open in January 2021, the Pantheon-like space will host 10 shows per year that feature contemporary artists including Pierre Huyghe, Jeff Koons, and Cy Twombly, many from Pinault’s private collection. 

Left: a large line of people waiting to get into an art gallery. The building features large and tall windows across the front of it. Right: the interior of a crowded restaurant. There is a green plant to the left and a balcony with more seating and people in the right upper corner.
La Fab. by agnès b. / Poinçon

L’Espace B

Music is also art, especially at the newly reopened Espace B, which marks a new chapter in the life of this 19th-arrondissement venue. The new team is lead by those behind some of Paris’ most attended events, like Villette Sonique and La Station, as well as Nuits Sonores in Lyon, giving rise to a varied lineup and art exhibitions.

A large dome ceiling made of glass. There is a large mural below the glass ceiling. There are white walls under the mural with scaffolding, and there is a net on the glass ceiling for construction work
Bourse de Commerce – cylindre


Poinçon – 124 Avenue du Général Leclerc, Paris 75014 

La Fab. by agnès b. – Place Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paris 75013

Citéco – 1 Place du Général Catroux, Paris 75017

Bourse de Commerce — Collection Pinault – 2 Rue de Viarmes, Paris 75001

L’Espace B – 16 rue Barbanègre, Paris 75019

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