HiP Paris Blog rounds up new summer hangouts in Paris like the bucolic Petit Près bar with its tables out on the lawn and fairylights.Le Petit Pré

Summer is in full swing and there’s no better place to relish the sunshine than Paris’ many terraces, outdoor bars, and rooftops. But are you looking for somewhere new to discover? Luckily, Paris is a forever changing landscape. Just when you think you’ve ticked off all the places on your list, somewhere new opens. This summer in particular brings some exciting new spaces and concepts to Paris, with the trend seeming to be the bigger, the better.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up new summer hangouts in Paris including the Hasard Ludique bar with its outdoor terrace covered in graffiti set along the platform of an abandoned train station.

A poster for new summer hangout in Paris Le Jardin Suspendu.

One of the best summer rooftop bars in Paris for drinks with Eiffel Tower views is le Jardin Suspendu.Top: Le Hasard Ludique – Eetu Ahanen. Middle & Bottom: Le Jardin Suspendu

Le Jardin Suspendu

Le Jardin Suspendu is located just over le périphérique in the 15th arrondissement and is certainly worth the trek down south. On top of a parking lot and 3500m2 in size, Le Jardin Suspendu is the biggest rooftop in Paris. This garden in the sky features a food court, multiple bars, live music, djs, an open air cinema, pilates and hula-hooping. With a panoramic view of Paris, this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset or the lights of the Eiffel Tour sparkle. Open until 2 September 2018, please note that Le Jardin Suspendu is cash-free.

Paris rooftop bar Le Jardin Suspendu (the hanging garden) name adorned with leafy decor.


HiP Paris Blog rounds up new summer hangouts in Paris like Le Jardin Suspendu for its rooftop music events.

Crowds dancing at Le Jardin Suspedu rooftop bar in Paris in summer.Le Jardin Suspendu

Le Hasard Ludique

In collaboration with the City of Paris and the SNCF, Le Hasard Ludique has developed a 300m2 terrasse along the petite ceinture in the 18th arrondissement. A popular spot for street artists, it makes perfect sense that the terrace will be a space for an artistic program including exhibitions, performances and workshops. Also featuring a bar with happy hour and tapas, the space is sheltered from the weather, meaning you can visit la terrasse come rain or shine.

View of the Hasard Ludique bar with its outdoor summer terrace in Paris covered in graffiti on the old platform of an abandoned train station.

People having drinks on the terrace of Paris bar le Hasard Ludique, on the old platform of an abandoned train station (left). View from the street of the terrace lit up at night down by the disused railway (right).Le Hasard Ludique – Eetu Ahanen

Le Petit Pré

The first ‘food garden’ in Paris, Le Petit Pré is located in the Hippodrome de Longchamp in the 16th arrondissement. It’s biggest drawcard? The barbecue. With the teams behind The Beast, BBQ Pressing, Mulko, Peco Peco and BMK invited to take over the grill, you are sure to satisfy your barbecue craving here. But it wouldn’t be a garden party without a Pimms, spritz, or glass of rosé in hand while you play a spot of pétanque or badminton. In the evening enjoy surprise concerts and dj sets. Open until 30 September 2018.

HiP Paris Blog rounds up new summer hangouts in Paris like Le Petit Pré out in a field in Paris with fairylights.

One of the best summer bars in Paris is Le Petit Pré, especially for its barbecues.Le Petit Pré – Florian Léger

La Base Filante

A 3000m2 wasteland located on Boulevard Ménilmontant in front of Père-Lachaise in the 11th arrondissement has been transformed into La Base Filante. A cross between an ephemeral terrace and cultural venue, La Base Filante combines food trucks, live music, dj sets, beach volleyball, ping pong, yoga, Mölkky, children’s workshops, and flea markets. A ‘space capsule’ bar serves craft beers from The Brasserie Fondamentale as well as beers from other Parisian breweries, cocktails, and fresh juices. Open until 31 October 2018.

One of our go-to summer spots in Paris is La Base Filante, a bar with events, in a garden and with white pods that provide shade.La Base Filante – Victoria Tanto

Le Jardin Suspendu – Accès par l’entrée parking face au 40 rue d’Oradour sur Glane, 75015.

Le Hasard Ludique – 128 avenue de Saint-Ouen, 75018.

Le Petit Pré – 2 route des Tribunes, 75016.

La Base Filante – 49 boulevard de Menilmontant, 75011.

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