Author: Kate Devine

Kate Devine is a PhD student, writer, and photographer who moved to Paris from Nashville, TN in 2016. Her photography and writing are both deeply inspired by relationships—between people, between objects, between light and dark, between past and present. Kate’s doctoral research led to an interest in how the language we use shapes our reality. During confinement, she has been documenting the shifts in communication and connection that have happened as our lives have taken a turn inward. Kate’s photography and writing can be found on Instagram @deareverest.

For some creatives and freelancers in Paris, the confinement has been a time to re-think community, forge connections, and embrace flexibility both in terms of creative expression and—for many—professional goals. Though Kate Devine, Roxanne Matiz, Alexandra Rozhkova, and Molly Wilkinson all experienced this shift differently, their perspectives have more than a few things in common. …read more