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  • Le Beurre: Why Butter is Better in France

    There’s no going back once you’ve experienced the tender melt of cultured-cream butter on the tip of your tongue. But I wondered: what exactly makes this ubiquitous ingredient so good here?

  • Muse Florist, Montmartre Paris

    Muse: Montmartre’s Neighborhood Flower Shop

    There’s a secret garden on rue Burq. It’s cool and fragrant, and as colorful as an artist’s daydream. “I absolutely think flowers should be a part of everyone’s daily life, says Majid Mohammad, the force behind this ever-changing, ephemeral garden, Muse, Montmartre’s neighborhood flower shop, where he designs bouquets and arrangements for every occasion and budget.

  • Insidr: The New Digital Guide for Travelers in Paris

    Insidr Paris: Friendly Frenchies Deliver Smartphone Rentals & Local Tips to Travelers

    Brother-and-sister team Benjamin and Nina hit upon the idea of Insidr. It’s a phone, but also more than a phone. Each 4G-equipped Android is loaded with exclusive Insidr content developed for a variety of traveler needs: singles, couples, friends, seniors and families will find recommendations tailored to their travel style.

  • La Cantine de Merci: Light Lunch in Paris' Premier Concept Store

    La Cantine de Merci. Lunch in Paris’ Trendiest Concept Store

    Paris abounds with design galleries, chic clothing boutiques and tile-floored bistros serving market-fresh cuisine, but rarely do you find more than one together under the same roof. Merci is a delightful exception, rolling out the best of fashion, design, and lunch into one stunning space in the Haut Marais neighborhood.

  • Mexican Street Food in Paris at Cafe Chilango

    Café Chilango: Authentic Mexican Street Food in Paris

    Café by day and cocktail bar by night, Café Chilango is a labor of love led by Rodrigo Kambayashi and Luis Rendón. The pair are serious about serving authentic Mexican food, seeking out ingredients that make their way to Europe via Spain and concocting everything in-house, from the meat marinade to the guacamole.

  • L'Epicerie des Environs: Local Grocery in Paris' 18th Arrondissement

    L’Épicerie des Environs: A One-Stop Locally Sourced Food Shop in Paris’ 18th

    At L’Épicerie des Environs, you’ll find a local – or nearly local – version of just about everything you need to make a delicious dinner (and even clean up after): fruit and vegetables, rice from Camargue, pickles from Burgundy, fruity sorbet from Essonne, and even dish soap made in neighboring Vallée de Chevreuse.

  • Coffee with a French Twist at Cuillier Cafe in Paris

    Coffee with a French Twist at Cuillier Café

    France is waking up to a world beyond Italian roast, and good coffee is now accessible in major French cities. Café Cuillier, which just opened its third location in Paris, has made it its mission to get people here as excited and concerned about coffee as everything else they eat and drink.

  • Why does French butter taste so good? Because it's homemade and teamed with artisanal jam on a baguette, it's even better.

    Le Beurre: Why Butter is Better in France

    Since moving to France I am regularly licking butter off my fingers while making tart crust or smooshing fat slices onto hunks of bread in the morning. There’s no going back once you’ve experienced the tender melt of cultured-cream butter on the tip of your tongue. But what makes this ubiquitous ingredient so much better here?

  • HiP Paris blog. Myrthe, a locally sourced epicerie and cantine off of the Canal Saint Martin. Street view of the colorful cantine.

    Myrthe: A Quality Cantine and 100% French Épicerie Along Paris’ Canal St-Martin

    Sandwiched between coffee shop Ten Belles and florist Bleuet Coquelicot, Mrythe is one of the Canal Saint Martin’s newest tenants. In addition to serving sandwiches, salads and gluten-free pastries, they offer a selection of take-away apéro baskets that demand to be eaten canal-side.

  • Paris' New Concept Cafés Combine Artisan Coffee with Boutiques

    Paris’ New Breed of Concept Coffee Shops

    It’s no longer hard to find good coffee in Paris. Lomi, Ten Belles, Cream, HolyBelly—the list of places to drink impeccable joe goes happily on. For those who have hit up all the traditional cafés, a growing selection of “concept” cafés offer novel spaces in which to savor a cup of java.

  • Brew Unique: Brewing Your Own Craft Beer in Paris

    A craft brew revolution is sweeping the city. Whether you’re new to brewing (or even beer) or just looking for a comfortable place to test out recipes, Paris now has a headquarters for novice and experienced brewers alike: Brew Unique, the city’s first brew-on-premise location.  

  • DBB/Paris: A Modern Twist on Mexican Food and Cocktails in Paris

    Shay Ola cuts an imposing figure in the tiny kitchen of DBB, his newly-opened restaurant just around the corner from République featuring a fresh take on Mexican fare.

  • La Distillerie de Paris, Gin

    La Distillerie de Paris: An Experimental Micro-Distillery Opens in Paris’ 10ème

    Inspired by the recent craft beer and cocktail movements in Paris, Nicolas and Sebastien Julhès launched their own distillery in the heart of Paris. La Distillerie de Paris starts production in 2015 with a gin, a vodka and a malt spirit which will be Paris’s first local whisky.

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