9th arrondissement

Gluten-Free in the City: Paris’ Best Restaurants and Bakeries Sans Gluten

There’s a reason why our mental image of a Parisian features a striped-shirt-wearing specimen carrying a baguette, the French after all love nothing more than a loaf of crusty bread- but does
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Doni Belau’s Picks for Paris’ Three Most Outrageous Cocktails

After sampling a whopping 55 bars in just six weeks this past winter in Paris - the “painstaking" research for her book, Paris Cocktails - Doni
by Doni Belau
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La Cantine d’Aznavour Armenian Restaurant: A Hidden Gem in Paris’ 9th

La Cantine d'Aznavour is not a place you stumble upon; even when you know the address, it's tricky to find. Tucked at the far end of a
by Kate Robinson