La Cuisine Paris

June Events: We Love Green, Fête de la Musique, Les Soldes & More

By the time June rolls around in Paris the natives start feeling justified in planning their social life around being outside. Luckily the city's social calendar follows suit by suggesting plenty
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Thanksgiving in Paris: How to Prepare and Shop Like a Chef

Living in France, Thanksgiving is the holiday I miss the most. Fortunately the French are always ready to join in any food-related fun and
by Lise Kvan
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Knife Shopping and Sharpening in Paris: Recommendations From a Chef

A trusty knife is the best accessory a cook could ask for. Without a good knife, our handiwork is useless. Sharpening your knife is absolutely
by Lise Kvan
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When You’re Missing Paris in November: 7 Cool Events & Classes

Boat ride on the Seine; photo by Maggie Battista I’m dreaming of Paris. Again. This happens when I’m in the States. I just returned
by Maggie Battista
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Linda Donahue’s Tasty Class at La Cuisine Paris

Our friend Linda Donahue (of Parisien Salon) had the opportunity to try out a baking class at La Cuisine Paris. Below, she recounts the
by HiP Paris