Paris Christmas

Tea at The Ritz to High-End Jewelry: A Luxurious (and Affordable) Christmas in Paris

Paris is the perfect place to treat yourself to a little decadent holiday cheer... Here are our ways to spend an indulgent Christmas in Paris with luxury treats that don't  require remortgaging
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Paris December Events: Christmas Markets, Dégustation Bulles and Champagne & More

The holiday season has officially hit Paris with the city’s first snowfall arriving on the first day of the month. Even though the annual
by Erin Dahl
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A Different Kind of Christmas: First Holidays and New Traditions in France

Christmas is a time to be with family and loved ones, and it makes it all the harder to have many of your loved ones far away when you're an
by Alex Roberts
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A Francophile Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway From the Paris Print Shop

To make gift shopping a little easier this year, Nichole Robertson has put together a sweet little francophile gift guide. She is also offering
by Nichole Robertson
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Christmas in the City of Lights: Seeking Out Paris’ Holiday Cheer

Mic Mac When I popped home to the UK in November, London was already in full festive swing with Christmas trees, festive songs and neon lights
by Victoria Wall
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Paris in the Winter: The City of Light Shines

Above: Christmas window at Galleries Lafayette, Paris (JournaldesVitrines); Below: Christmas windows Galeries Lafayette (JournaldesVitrines);
by Fiona Hilliard