paris street art

Paris Street Art: A Guide for the Urban Explorer

Street art is often placed in obscure or unexpected places, so next time you’re out and about in Paris, keep your eyes open for artistic discoveries. Here are a few street artists you'll find if
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Visiting Paris: Finding Beauty In the Little Things

The glass pyramids of the Louvre, the manicured grounds of the Tuileries Garden, and of course, the remarkable iron puzzle that is the Eiffel
by Mike Kandel
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Alternative Art in Paris: Underground Paris Explores the City’s Best Street Artists

Even though I love strolling through St Germain and the Marais, it's always exciting to discover new, edgier sides of my favorite city. A couple
by Carin Olsson
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Wandering in Belleville: Living Art on Rue Dénoyez

Not only do I live in Paris’ coolest up-and-coming neighborhood (Belleville), but I also live just off of the coolest street in this
by Tory Hoen