sacre coeur

Getting Paris Right the First Time

So you’ve decided to finally book a trip to Paris. Félicitations, you’re surely going to love it! So you’ve decided to finally book a trip to Paris. Félicitations, you’re surely going to
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Hardware Société: Paris’ Newest Australian-Breakfast Import

Hardware Société, a Parisian outpost of its Franco-Australian founders original Melbourne location, is the most exciting thing to happen to
by Emily Dilling
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My Montmartre: Food, Coffee, Shopping & More

I have a confession to make. Even though I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life exploring Paris, I’d never dedicated ample time to
by Susan Hutchinson
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Stories of Love in Paris: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Paris exudes and encourages love. This year, the theme of amour is explored in the new anthology, That’s Paris, a lovely collection of short
by Lily Heise
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Lights, Camera, Action! Five Unmissable Parisian Movie Houses

In France, cinema is the 7th art, as culturally important as painting or literature and like museums or libraries, movie houses play a key role
by Sylvia Sabes
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La Goutte D’Or: Paris’ Eccentric, Lively, Diverse Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

There are few things in the world that make me happier than living in the 18th arrondissement. One could argue that it's pretty great living
by Emily Dilling
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Falling In Love With Paris In a Day

Carin Olsson Paris. The city of romance. With picturesque cafes on almost every corner, countless bridges crossing the Seine begging for twilight
by Kasia Dietz
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Paris Tourist Scams: HiP Tips For A Hassle-Free Trip

Esellee I was lucky enough to live in Paris earlier this year. During my time in one of the fairest cities, I soaked up the language, tossed back
by Maggie Battista
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New Year’s Eve in Paris: Ring in 2010 in Style

Backstage at the Moulin Rouge. Photo: What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? This recurring question inevitably divides the
by Tory Hoen