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End of Summer Recipes: Making Homemade Jam in France

by Cristina Lasarte
Written By

Cristina Lasarte

Cristina is an Argentinian expat and food blogger, determined to uncover the secrets of French cuisine one delicious recipe at a time. View Cristina Lasarte's Website

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15 comments on “End of Summer Recipes: Making Homemade Jam in France

Juste jike my grandmother’s jam ! I’d like to eat some one more time !

EXCELLENT! Welcome to the world of beloved jams.
I made a lot of different jams this summer, as there are sooooo many fruits and i just could not decide which ham i should made. So i made jam out of one fruit for 3-4 pots, but then again, with a lot of different fruits; lemon, bananas, plums, nectarines….
But as season of apples and pears is here, there’s gonna be some more mixing and cooking 😀

I can’t wait to try the recipe. Thank you Cristina. – Erica

Thankyou! Would you know a receipe for jam using grape juice instead of sugar ?

Cristina, from BA to Paris

So nice to see my jams in such good company…

Thanks Hip Paris!

Sounds delicious! I’ll have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Excellent idea! This was on my summer to-do list. Cannot wait to see what comes out of a vanilla bean and a few kilos of mirabelles.

Stephanie // artfullyadored

How wonderful! I was just telling some friends how much I wish my family had done this when I was little after a conversation with a French friend of mine about her childhood memories making jam. Certainly something I want to try soon! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe and re-inspiring me!

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