Popelini Challenges Macarons As Paris’ Favorite Bite-Size Treat

by Meg Gagnard
Written By

Meg Gagnard

Meg is a Denver native gone Parisian. She's American at heart but has been thrown into, adapted to and has succeeded in blending into the Parisian lifestyle over the years. She's a digital ad gal in this city of oh so many lights, filling up her free time wandering unknown paths and streets, riding her bike, taking pictures of lovely things and eating at lots of places. She loves vintage kitchenware, antique markets, clogs, romantic comedies, photobooths, and marzipan. For more snapshots, randomness and stories, check out her blog De quelle planète es-tu? View Meg Gagnard's Website

17 comments on “Popelini Challenges Macarons As Paris’ Favorite Bite-Size Treat

When I come visit in Paris, I will definitely be making a stop here. It looks great! Can’t wait to come out there!

I liked the rose framboise one, but the salted caramel I thought was quite bland. Maybe it was just the day I was there though.

I was let down that the choux was not ridged in any way but really soggy as well. Maybe I’m just used to a different kind of choux though.

@Vanessa, more than one is certainly not enough!

@Elissa, I bet you’ll fall head over heels for them!

@Trevor, I see what you mean. They are another bite-sized treat though! I suppose it’s indirect competition to the macaron 🙂

I’m going to have to hit these up. They are not the new macaron though. No comparison.

Totally visiting this adorable shop when we return in March!

These treats are absolutely amazing and gorgeous! The flavours are incredible! I can’t help but have two of them every time I go the Popelini. This article is great at introducing this wonder to the world. <3

@lovedare- They taste yummy too!

These look really good!

YUM! how amazing are these? my mouth watering.

just found you because of Vicki A…

This looks yummy!!

These look wonderful. I have always been a fan of cream puffs. Actually, macarons have their origins in Italy as well. They are not purely French at all.

@Dave, from what I tasted it depended…sometimes both! The lemon one for example, had a center that was tangy like a lemon tart, as well as a lemony icing. So delicious! You must give it a whirl 🙂

@Jaime, when you describe it that way, they are indeed similar to macaroons. Obviously a different process for making them and different ingredients, but they are certainly sweet, bite-sized treats! ^^ And of course they’re precious! Classification of desserts… I like it!!

How are they flavored? Is it the icing on top or the filling ?

jaime @ sweet road

These little desserts are so cute! In a way, they are somewhat similar to macaroons… maybe…? I mean, you can fill them, they are sweet, bite sized treats, and the icing provides that cute color. Maybe these are like a nice cross between a cupcake and macaroon!

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