Found: Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Paris

by Casey Hatfield-Chiotti
Written By

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

Casey Chiotti is a food and travel writer who recently fulfilled a life long dream by moving to Paris. She has a unique talent for sniffing out bakeries like a bloodhound and is finding it both incredible and, at times, excruciating to be in the best bakery city in the world (she tries to practice some self control). She writes about a different pastry every Saturday as well as other recommendations for restaurants and hotels around the world on her website Travelproper. View Casey Hatfield-Chiotti's Website

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7 comments on “Found: Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Paris

this post could not have come at a better time! i ve followed your blog for a while now in anticipation of my study abroad program in paris. after a few weeks away from the u.s., i really started to crave mexican food, and voila! some friends and i tried out rice beans this weekend, and the food was great and also very affordable. thanks for the recommendation!

Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

Thanks for the recommendation Bonnie. I’ll try that!

Tortillas & Co. in the 10th arrondissement is also a great Mexican place! You can order to go or eat there, very cheap food, but so delicious!

Good Mexican food…I was constantly on the hunt when I was living in France. This list is really helpful; will definitely recommend it to friends who often declare that Mexican food in France doesn’t exist 🙂

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished

Wow! This looks incredible– as a California native I can totally understand a taco craving. Will check out Candelaria on my next visit to Paris!

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