Biglove Caffè: Hip Italian Brunch in Paris’ Marais

by Emily Jackson
Written By

Emily Jackson

Emily is a writer, photographer, and travel lover whose first trip to Paris was not one of fairy tales. In spite of this, she decided to give the City of Lights another chance with a year-long stint as a Parisian au pair and, as many before her, it has turned into a long-term love affair. She lives in Paris with her Frenchman, traveling Europe and working on her own blog. View Emily Jackson's Website

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2 comments on “Biglove Caffè: Hip Italian Brunch in Paris’ Marais

Wow!! Biglove sounds to good to miss. I am spending a month in the Marais I will be sure to fill up on all the goodies mentioned. Ann Winfield

Absolutely adore their choice of dainty tableware. Love how amazing that stack of blueberry pancakes and how beautiful the French toast looks! Thank you for sharing this Emily, we’ll be sure to try this on our next visit! ?

‪With love from Singapore,‬
‪Iann Ethel‬
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