Author: Arnaud Sagnard

Arnaud Sagnard was born the same year as Leonardo DiCaprio with whom he bears no resemblance. After studying literature, this Parisian who was raised in the suburbs, chose to be a journalist after trying almost every possible position in the world of media—from photo editor to reporter and investigative journalist to columnist. He’s one of the co-founders of the french edition of « GQ » where he spent seven years. Currently he’s an editor in chief of « L’Obs », France’s first weekly magazine. According to his family, he spends too much time writing books that are not always published. However, so far, two have been: one non-fiction about hipsters « Are you on the list ? Essay on the hip tyranny » and a novel « Bronson » about a man obsessed by the actor Charles Bronson, nominated for four literary prizes. He comforts himself driving a 1982 Lancia Beta 2000 HPE and traveling around California with his family. A die-hard Lakers fan, he truly believes that « Kobe was the glue that held the world together ».

I’m currently sitting in an armchair perched in an alcove on the third floor of a house located in Arles, in the South of France, 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea. Since the pandemic started, I’ve been searching for a clear image to describe what exactly is happening to us. …read more